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Bad Salzufler company receives coveted brand seal.


Bad Salzu­flen (bre) Even if it was actually always clear — now it is also offi­cial and offi­cial — POS TUNING belongs to the brands of the century. In a multi-stage process, POS TUNING was exami­ned by a jury for various facts. Not only the distinc­ti­ve­ness of the brand, but also its posi­tio­ning as market leader were exami­ned from various angles. At the end of this test­ing process, it was clear: When it comes to fabric advance­ment systems, POS TUNING is the leading brand and thus a “Brand of the Century”.

Under the umbrella of the Zeit publi­shing group, the “Brand of the Century” seal has been awarded for seve­ral years to brands that have become the stan­dard in their segment. Since 1998, POS TUNING has been one of the brands that have subse­quently chan­ged — if not revo­lu­tio­ni­zed — the point of sale. With the inven­tion of the system tray, shelf orga­niza­tion was opti­mi­zed in a way that was not even remo­tely conceiva­ble before. When company foun­der Udo Voßhen­rich applied for a patent for his inven­tion, he laid the foun­da­tion for the success of the company, which now has over 220 employees and supplies the whole world from Lippe in East West­pha­lia. Since then, order and over­view at the point of sale has become almost a must.

This is also what makes a brand a “brand of the century”. The inse­pa­ra­ble link of a product with the name and the stan­dard made of it. Goods feed system = POS TUNING.

Over the past few years, POS TUNING has evol­ved from a supplier of merchan­dise feeding systems to a part­ner that works with its custo­mers to design solu­ti­ons for opti­mal product presen­ta­tion. The product range extends from the clas­sic feed system to digi­tal analy­sis tools that are helping to shape the future of retail. 2021 POS TUNING was awarded as inno­va­tion leader by FAZ. Looking ahead and further deve­lo­ping the product port­fo­lio are part of the DNA of the company, which also wants to posi­tion itself as a stan­dard provi­der in the future.

How do you become a “Brand of the Century”?

In a prede­fi­ned selec­tion proce­dure, a so-called evalua­tion is carried out by a jury. In a total of three evalua­tion phases, the brand is tested for diffe­rent facts. These selec­ted facts define the success of a brand and under­line its leader­ship posi­tion in its segment. This includes the so-called gene­ric desi­gna­tion and also the compa­ri­son with other brands. The brand recei­ves an over­all assess­ment through a subse­quent scoring process. With a posi­tive over­all assess­ment and a corre­spon­ding score, a brand thus beco­mes a “Brand of the Century”.


Brand of the century plaque