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Increase market shares with POS solutions

More variety on the shelf

How can I make the shop­per access my product first? New varie­ties, for exam­ple, increase loyalty and create new users. Make sure your custo­mers are inspi­red!

Expanding the market position with smart solutions

With our smart solu­ti­ons, you gain addi­tio­nal space on the exis­ting area and can thus secure your brand place­ment in the long term . Present your line exten­si­ons on addi­tio­nal spaces and help new product laun­ches to be successful.

The stage is yours! Click here for the idea book for your brand.

The special Product carriers from POS TUNING

More presentation space with the PlusOne chilled shelf

Create new ground for new products! With the Plus­One floor you gain an extra floor in the cooling system. Land is parti­cu­larly valuable there.

Self-service products in the refri­ge­ra­ted section are highly frequen­ted cate­go­ries that live from the promise of fresh­ness — so product presen­ta­tion plays a major role here. Compli­ance with the MHD and clea­ring accor­ding to the Fi-Fo prin­ci­ple are among the daily chal­lenges in retail. The fresh­ness presen­ta­tion from POS TUNING helps here: This means that no product gets out of your customer’s field of vision and you gain storage space.

With the POS‑T Plus­One chil­led shelf you gain up to 20% space in your plus cooling. The high­light — the POS‑T Plus­One cooling floor is so stable due to its special design that a front edge is not neces­sary. This allows you to add one more shelf per axle without your custo­mers having problems grab­bing the goods.


Your benefit

  • Signi­fi­cant sales increa­ses of up to 17% compared to card­board presen­ta­ti­ons
  • Up to 20% more floor space per axis compared to other cooling floors
  • Perma­nent front presen­ta­tion with the goods push system POS‑T Compart­ment C90 for self-service sausage, self-service cheese, ready-to-eat salads and much more…
  • Perfect visi­bi­lity despite low stocks — fewer copies
  • High-quality look made of metal in anthr­acite, conti­nuous front pane
  • Univer­sal cooling floor for all commer­ci­ally available refri­ge­ra­ted cabi­nets
  • Base and console are one unit — Easy instal­la­tion, hanging and done!
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Variety of assortment with the POS‑T double-decker system

With the double-decker presen­ters, you simply pull addi­tio­nal levels onto the shelf and double or triple the number of storage spaces on the exis­ting area. The special goods carri­ers are easy to inte­grate into exis­ting furni­ture and can increase sales by up to 17%. Our solu­ti­ons not only enable you to main­tain your brand place­ment, but also to secure new market shares.

The advantages of the POS- T double-decker presenter

  • opti­mi­zed use of space through stacked presen­ta­tion
  • more varie­ties possi­ble in a small space
  • Increased sales through opti­mal shop­per orien­ta­tion and better product acces­si­bi­lity
  • less shelf main­ten­ance
  • can be used for other product groups
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Secure your position in the market

Glass shel­ves have mean­while estab­lished them­sel­ves as the stan­dard in many ranges. And not without reason. When swap­ping from metal to glass floors, you gain up to 20% more parking spaces . In addi­tion, up to 60% more presen­ta­tion space is crea­ted, with which you can attract the atten­tion of your shop­pers. Our smart goods carri­ers also include hanging solu­ti­ons in front of the shel­ves. Just like our Plus­One floor , they create place­ments in places that you might not even think of today.

Whether moder­niza­tion, more space or a new look — the POS‑T glass shel­ves and conso­les are the perfect solu­tion for all ques­ti­ons rela­ting to product presen­ta­tion. They are compa­ti­ble with many exis­ting shel­ving systems . With little expense and very easy conver­sion , you not only achieve a high-quality face­lift for your shel­ves, but also more presen­ta­tion space for your products. Because with the POS‑T glass shel­ves you realize maxi­mum use of space.

POS TUNING Glasetagen

Your benefit

  • Glass shel­ves give the shelf a classy look
  • More presen­ta­tion space
  • Verti­cal space gain compared to metal shel­ves
  • Simple, inex­pen­sive instal­la­tion on many system shel­ves
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Maintain brand position with POS TUNING

With the special goods carri­ers from POS TUNING you make new product laun­ches successful. You can increase your market share in the long term with addi­tio­nal storage space and presen­ta­tion space on the shel­ves. Please cont­act us for further infor­ma­tion.

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