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Increase market shares with POS solutions

More variety on the shelf

How can I make the shopper access my product first? New varieties, for example, increase loyalty and create new users. Make sure your customers are inspired!

Expanding the market position with smart solutions

With our smart solutions, you gain additional space on the existing area and can thus secure your brand placement in the long term . Present your line extensions on additional spaces and help new product launches to be successful.

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The special Product carriers from POS TUNING

More presentation space with the PlusOne chilled shelf

Create new ground for new products! With the PlusOne floor you gain an extra floor in the cooling system. Land is particularly valuable there.

Self-service products in the refrigerated section are highly frequented categories that live from the promise of freshness – so product presentation plays a major role here. Compliance with the MHD and clearing according to the Fi-Fo principle are among the daily challenges in retail. The freshness presentation from POS TUNING helps here: This means that no product gets out of your customer’s field of vision and you gain storage space.

With the POS-T PlusOne chilled shelf you gain up to 20% space in your plus cooling. The highlight – the POS-T PlusOne cooling floor is so stable due to its special design that a front edge is not necessary. This allows you to add one more shelf per axle without your customers having problems grabbing the goods.


Your benefit

  • Significant sales increases of up to 17% compared to cardboard presentations
  • Up to 20% more floor space per axis compared to other cooling floors
  • Permanent front presentation with the goods push system POS-T Compartment C90 for self-service sausage, self-service cheese, ready-to-eat salads and much more…
  • Perfect visibility despite low stocks – fewer copies
  • High-quality look made of metal in anthracite, continuous front pane
  • Universal cooling floor for all commercially available refrigerated cabinets
  • Base and console are one unit – Easy installation, hanging and done!
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Variety of assortment with the POS-T double-decker system

With the double-decker presenters, you simply pull additional levels onto the shelf and double or triple the number of storage spaces on the existing area. The special goods carriers are easy to integrate into existing furniture and can increase sales by up to 17%. Our solutions not only enable you to maintain your brand placement, but also to secure new market shares.

The advantages of the POS- T double-decker presenter

  • optimized use of space through stacked presentation
  • more varieties possible in a small space
  • Increased sales through optimal shopper orientation and better product accessibility
  • less shelf maintenance
  • can be used for other product groups
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Secure your position in the market

Glass shelves have meanwhile established themselves as the standard in many ranges. And not without reason. When swapping from metal to glass floors, you gain up to 20% more parking spaces . In addition, up to 60% more presentation space is created, with which you can attract the attention of your shoppers. Our smart goods carriers also include hanging solutions in front of the shelves. Just like our PlusOne floor , they create placements in places that you might not even think of today.

Whether modernization, more space or a new look – the POS-T glass shelves and consoles are the perfect solution for all questions relating to product presentation. They are compatible with many existing shelving systems . With little expense and very easy conversion , you not only achieve a high-quality facelift for your shelves, but also more presentation space for your products. Because with the POS-T glass shelves you realize maximum use of space.

POS TUNING Glasetagen

Your benefit

  • Glass shelves give the shelf a classy look
  • More presentation space
  • Vertical space gain compared to metal shelves
  • Simple, inexpensive installation on many system shelves
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Maintain brand position with POS TUNING

With the special goods carriers from POS TUNING you make new product launches successful. You can increase your market share in the long term with additional storage space and presentation space on the shelves. Please contact us for further information.

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