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Digital market research in retail

With the sensor-based cloud technology from neoalto

Get more out of your brand now

What does a doctorate bring? Which part of the shelf is accessed most frequently by the shopper? Measure this and much more easily with the innovative solution from our partner neoalto and get valuable insights about your brand.

Digital market research in real time

The right products in the right quantity at the right place at the right time – that is a challenge for trade and industry. Using digital market research, you can evaluate the sales channels of the individual regions and businesses or specifically evaluate individual promotions. Data from neoalto can also be used to determine the optimal placement on the sales floor. With our tools, you get one step closer to building a perfect store and offering your customers the best possible shopping experience.
And all of this happens in real time via the Service Cloud. The data can be forwarded directly to those responsible so that findings can be implemented as quickly as possible.

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Big data in market research

Digital market research uses, among other things, big data and artificial intelligence in order to be able to process data. You can benefit from qualitative and quantitative market research.

What sales did you have today nationally, regionally, per shop, per category or per product?
What are the top sellers in your category?
Which positions on the shelf work particularly well?

You can answer and evaluate questions like these with market research on neoalto.

Market research: Digital with neoalto

Use your advantages from digital market research and simply equip the storage locations for your products with a goods pusher and a neoalto StockBeacon. The StockBeacons register every movement of goods and send the data to the neoalto retail service cloud. You can call up the data and evaluations from anywhere with any web-enabled device.

Use market research tools correctly

Get to know and understand the behavior of your customers even better with the neoalto Service Cloud. Your advantages: diverse evaluations, complete data transparency and constant availability and always knowing how many goods are on the shelf. For example, benefit from automatic notifications when it’s time to replenish your shelf. Simply contact us to find out more about your options with digital market research in retail.

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