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The smart READY TO STORE solution

Category management optimization through live data

The EnergyZone - New energy to increase sales!

PRINCIPAL QUESTIONS: Can the Energy Zone further boost sales? Where would this need to be placed in the market? Which range makes the most sense in combination with chilled energy drinks? Does a secondary placement cannibalize the regular refrigerator?


Project profile

15 stores, 2 assortments
Holistic analysis of the placed product groups in the Energy Zone.
The primary goal was to increase sales of the articles placed and of the ØBon in the participating stations.
With the help of neoalto sensor technology, goods movements were recorded to the second. Among other things, this determined how the following areas perform:
One region
A point of sale
A single facing
One brand
One flavor
Live data from each location made real-time measurement of different assortments and placements in the service station possible.
Sales growth test articles with placement in the Energy Zone +11 %.
Sales growth of the entire Beverages and Snacks categories +3%.

The joint category management project between Deutsche Tamoil GmbH (HEM service station) and Red Bull was intended to clarify the above issues. This goal could only be achieved together with other partners. POS TUNING took care of the development, the construction as well as the logistics of the Energy Zone. The implementation of merchandise feeds and the addition of lighting, toppers and branding were also part of the job. Thanks to neoalto’s sensor technology, each individual goods feed was made digitally measurable in order to measure and analyze the movement of goods (removals as well as fillings). Bormann & Gordon also provided insights into user behavior at the service station through a digital shopper frequency measurement (3D CAM & IR knife).

The combination of automation and digitization has enabled the
Energy Zone Send live data from different locations. This was
it is possible to test different planograms, vary the location of the set-up and also further track shopper behavior before and after reaching into the EnergyZone. Thanks to neoalto technology, it was possible to track and evaluate sales for each individual product down to the second.

As a category management project, the Energy Zone was nominated among the top 3 of the ECR Awards 2022!

POS TUNING presents successful project! Click here!

Push your sales

With real-time data from the smart shelf


Average sales growth of test articles placed in the EnergyZone


Sales growth test articles Beverages and snacks (all articles) on average

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