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Making sales promotion successful with intelligent secondary placements: PromoPOS

Increase the attention of your products

Secon­dary place­ments are sales-promo­ting measu­res that trig­ger addi­tio­nal impulse purcha­ses at retail and thus also attract new buyers for your product. But how can you successfully imple­ment secon­dary place­ment? Through opti­mally staged gondola head place­ments, these products also quickly catch the eye of the shop­per and promote success at the point of sale.

Second placements in view at all times

Secon­dary place­ments increase sales — whether on the floor or at the coun­ter. If then not only the display, but also the goods in the display imme­dia­tely catch the eye thanks to feed, not only you, but also the shop­per are satis­fied. Increase the atten­tion of your products in retail with secon­dary place­ments incl. Merchan­dise feed system, gondola head place­ment with crow­ner or flag and many more point of sale promo­ti­ons.

POS sales promotion made easy

With our POS Promo System compon­ents, you can turn any gondola head into a promo space. We design all Sales Promo­ter elements accor­ding to your speci­fi­ca­ti­ons. In less than 2 minu­tes you can turn any gondola head into your brand display. From segment flags to shop­per orien­ta­tion and a crow­ner as a custo­mer stop­per to frame presen­ters for product novel­ties: Design your POS promo­ti­ons accor­ding to your taste. We manu­fac­ture and install all elements and also dismantle them after the product promo­tion period. You can measure the adver­ti­sing effec­ti­ve­ness of the display live with the neoalto Stock­Be­a­cons. So you know imme­dia­tely how much addi­tio­nal success you have achie­ved at the point of sale with Promo POS.

The stage is yours! Click here for the idea book for your brand.

Promotion Marketing request

Our promise: With POS Promo­tion your product has more success at the point of sale! Feel free to cont­act us for more infor­ma­tion.

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