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Our successful pushfeed systems for the point of sale

Keep the shelf front tidy

100% visibility with our pushfeed systems

Would you like to present your custo­mers with the range of products on the shelf in such a way that they can make their choice in just a few minu­tes? With our POS push­feed systems for retail you achieve 100% visi­bi­lity from the first to the last item and always offer an attrac­tive presen­ta­tion of goods. From our modu­lar system, we put toge­ther the perfect push­feed for your packa­ged goods. It does­n’t matter whether your product is packed in card­board or plas­tic pack­a­ging, whether it is round, square or oval, whether it is presen­ted in a blis­ter pack or in a pouch, whether you want to show it off in a display or whether it is placed in the free­zer. It is guaran­teed to get the push it needs!

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The right pushfeed system for every need

The Pushfeed

POS‑T Vincent is the feed. You only need one system for all cate­go­ries. This saves time and money.

Vincent is varia­ble, inno­va­tive, sustainable, clever, simple, newand tunedyour shelf.


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POS‑T Compartment C130
Goods pushfeed system for deep-freeze cabinets

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POS‑T U‑Channel
Pushfeed system for all fixed width products

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POS‑T modular system
The modular system for pushfeed systems

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One for all categories — less is more


Vincent is the new univer­sal feed from POS TUNING. And as its name suggests, is a real winner (Vincere (lat.) = win) and an asset to your shelf. 100% visi­bi­lity and perfect orien­ta­tion you create with Vincent in your market.

Long plan­ning and calcu­la­tion of the ideal feed rate is history. Vincent is now! Because of an opti­mi­zed sliding surface the feeder needs only 2 spring strengths to present all your goods always in the best view and grip area. That means for each cate­gory, for each format — whether square or round, small or large — you only need one feed — one for ever­y­thing! Moun­ting or moving the instal­led system on the shelf with goods is easy with Vincent. Plano­gram chan­ges are now child’s play.

And should Vincent ever retire, he has become the sustainable. Vincent is made of a single plas­tic mate­rial and can be sepa­ra­ted and recy­cled by type after use.

Your benefit

  • Opti­mal visi­bi­lity and orien­ta­tion
  • Only one feed requi­red for each cate­gory
  • Usable for any product size
  • Easy plan­ning and instal­la­tion(shelf-ready) — few compon­ents + 2 feed thic­k­nes­ses
  • Shif­ting with goods possi­ble — less shelf main­ten­ance and easier plano­gram chan­ges
  • Sustainable: one plas­tic mate­rial, sepa­ra­ble and recy­clable by type

Easy to order, easy to install, easy to profit, easy to… SIMPLY VINCENT!

The fpusheed system for freezers

POS‑T Compartment C130

The C130 system is a univer­sal push­feed system and was speci­ally deve­lo­ped for the extreme condi­ti­ons of deep-free­zing. Its robust texture resists ice and frost and provi­des unique flexi­bi­lity and stabi­lity. The unique front attach­ment with­stands even the stron­gest pres­sure during filling and ensu­res a long service life.

This push­feed system covers the complete frozen range of carton and pouch pack­a­ging and is suita­ble for retail products up to 90 mm wide. An addi­tio­nal push­feed profile is available for very large merchan­dise from 150 mm width.

Espe­ci­ally in the frozen food depart­ment at ‑18 degrees, custo­mers want to find the products they are looking for quickly. Ensure perfect orien­ta­tionwith the perma­nent front presen­ta­tion — this shor­tens the decis­ion-making proces­ses at the point of sale and leads to shorter door opening times, less energy loss and a satis­fied clientele.

Your benefit

  • Opti­mum visi­bi­lity and orien­ta­tion for custo­mers — Reduc­tion of door opening times
  • Greatly redu­ced shelf main­ten­ance effort
  • Front-presen­ted goods create a “wall” to the rear area — cold­ness is retai­ned
  • Suita­ble for all pack­a­ging from 90mm wide
  • Low instal­la­tion comple­xity with few compon­ents and easy moun­ting on all floors
  • Easy adjus­t­ment to diffe­rent product widths
  • Univer­sally appli­ca­ble, simple plano­gram chan­ges
  • Low front height for custo­mer-friendly removal and easy storage
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The all-in-one feed solution for various articles

POS‑T Channels

The U‑channels with POS TUNING push­feed are the solu­tion for asym­me­tri­cal, round, soft-packed and even coni­cal items. They are suita­ble for all cate­go­ries where subse­quent adjus­t­ments to product widths are inci­den­tal: Spice jars, round ice-cream cups, small bott­les, tubes or baking ingre­di­ents.
Each of our U‑channels has an inte­gra­ted push­feed and forms a self-contai­ned tech­no­logy, resul­ting in an uncom­pli­ca­ted instal­la­tion. The chan­nels can be remo­ved for filling and are also ideal for use in displays and high-quality shelf furni­ture.
As stan­dard, the POS‑T chan­nels are available in various widths from 39 to 93 mm.

Your benefit

  • Easy hand­ling due to fixed widths with inte­gra­ted push­feed
  • No more mutual snag­ging of products due to exact adapt­a­tion to widths of coni­cal products
  • Greatly redu­ced shelf main­ten­ance effort
  • Easy moun­ting on all floors
  • Custo­mer-friendly removal of products and easy storage due to low front height

The right thing for every need

POS‑T modular system

Create order on your shel­ves. With our modu­lar system, you can put toge­ther the right filing and push­feed system for you accor­ding to the modu­lar prin­ci­ple. The choice is yours!

Compartment divider

The POS‑T divi­ders create clear struc­tures and help your custo­mers find their way around with clear subdi­vi­si­ons. Each product stands in its compart­ment and cannot slide to the right or left. This shor­tens the customer’s search and access times and measur­a­bly increa­ses the impulse purchase rate.

Depen­ding on the product and appli­ca­tion, we offer the divi­ders in heights of 35, 60, 100 or 120 mm and in lengths of 80 to 580 mm. Moreo­ver, the compart­ment divi­ders are not just simple “plas­tic divi­ders”, but a system with many intel­li­gent detailed solu­ti­ons.

Because we offer compart­ment divi­ders…

  • … with special front attach­ment — for every type of floor
  • … in diffe­rent colours that help the shop­per to have an over­view
  • … with light­ing that sets accents on the shel­ves and with the help of brand- or assort­ment-speci­fic segment divi­ders, you bring struc­ture to your assort­ments.
  • … with rear prede­ter­mi­ned brea­king points, because Vario shelf divi­ders can be adapted to the corre­spon­ding shelf depth on site


So simple and yet so inge­nious — the prin­ci­ple of our push­feeds is simple and highly effi­ci­ent! A push­feed housing is connec­ted to a roller spring, the end of the roller spring is fixed to the front of the shelf on the Adapter‑T profile and accor­din­gly pulls the push­feed housing forward. The goods in between are simply pushed forward with them.

100% visi­bi­lity from the first to the last item and, in addi­tion, an always tidy presen­ta­tion of goods.

Our push­feeds are available in diffe­rent sizes and shapes — for large, heavy, small and narrow products. In combi­na­tion with one of our compart­ment divi­ders, you get a product compart­ment with a push­feed func­tion.
The stain­less steel springs of diffe­rent strengths ensure that your items are pushed forward with the opti­mum thrust.

Adapter‑T profile — the perfect fastening

The Adapter‑T profile forms the basis for compart­ment divi­ders and push­feeds. It is used for the front or rear attach­ment of shelf divi­ders and push­feeds on all stan­dard shel­ves.
The Adapter‑T profile is atta­ched to the shelf. The profiles are available self-adhe­sive, magne­tic or with plug-in fastening for floors with U‑beading. Compart­ment divi­ders and push­feeds can then be atta­ched to it in one easy step.

Your benefit

  • Modu­lar system — the right feed solu­tion for every product
  • Opti­mal visi­bi­lity and orien­ta­tion
  • Greatly redu­ced shelf main­ten­ance effort
  • Low comple­xity with few compon­ents and easy instal­la­tion on all floors
  • Easy adapt­a­tion to diffe­rent product widths and simple plano­gram chan­ges
  • Dura­ble and safe to operate — TÜV and GS tested
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We are happy to take over all the important steps for you with our full-service offer. From the selec­tion of the right modu­les to the final instal­la­tion in the shelf by POS employees, we are actively at your side.

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