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Attachments for electronic price tags directly on the shelf

Perfect price labeling

With perfect price labe­l­ing on the shelf, you score points with your custo­mers. We offer a wide range of opti­ons for digi­tal price labe­l­ing at the point of sale. Take advan­tage of POS TUNING’s solu­ti­ons for opti­mi­zed price labe­l­ing and let us convince you.

The right solution for every need: Electronic Shelf Labels

ESL rails

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POS‑T scanning rails

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ESL Accessories

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ESL rails for digital price tags

You would like to convince not only with the perfect shelf arran­ge­ment, but also to posi­tion your offer and the prices at the point of sale at any time in a promo­tio­nally effec­tive way? With the POS‑T moun­ting rails for Elec­tro­nic Shelf Labels (ESL), you can imple­ment price labe­l­ing, adver­ti­sing, and master space protec­tion on the shelf.

The POS TUNING ESL rails provide a firm hold for the elec­tro­nic price labels. Both the assem­bly and disas­sem­bly of the labels is simple and requi­res no tools. The full-surface label protec­tor is the perfect solu­tion for your labe­l­ing on the shelf.

Thanks to high-quality plas­tic, our POS TUNING fastening solu­ti­ons convince with their dura­bi­lity. They are ideal for atta­ching adver­ti­sing mate­ri­als (wobblers, high­ligh­ters, frames, etc.) to all stan­dard shel­ves.

Addi­tio­nally, by using elec­tro­nic price tags, you can elimi­nate the need to print paper labels, saving prin­ter ink and paper.

ESL Schiene - Preisauszeichnung

Your benefit

  • ESL rails for all common shel­ves and smooth surfaces
  • For various ESL manu­fac­tu­r­ers and series (Hanshow Nebu­lar, SES Imago­tag Vusion, SoluM and many more)
  • Attach­ment of adver­ti­sing mate­rial possi­ble, e.g. wobblers, high­ligh­ters, etc.
  • Stable design, even with regu­lar change of signs
  • Secure mounting/dismounting due to anti-theft unlo­cking mecha­nism (patend pending)
  • Dura­bi­lity due to high quality plas­tic
  • Perfect protec­tion of the ESL due to firm hold and full coverage of the elec­tro­nic labels
  • Stan­dard colors: white and anthr­acite (from 500 m purchase: all colors possi­ble)
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Excellent price rails

POS‑T scanning rails for shelf labels

Whether for glass, metal or wire shel­ves, POS‑T scan­ning rails are available in various lengths for all stan­dard shel­ves and also provide fasten­ers for your POS‑T shelf orga­niza­tion and merchan­dise feed systems. For a radi­ant appearance of your products, the scan­ning rails are also available with inte­gra­ted shelf light­ing. Whether tego mount or wire floor mount — we offer the right profile for all floor types.

Your benefit

  • High-quality scan­ning rails in various designs for clear product labe­l­ing and adver­ti­sing
  • Radi­ant product appearance thanks to optio­nally inte­gra­ted shelf light­ing
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POS TUNING Scanningschienen

Accessories for electronic price labels & price marking on the shelf

You would like to convince not only with the perfect ESL rails, but also to high­light your offer and your products at the point of sale in a promo­tio­nally effec­tive way? With a wide range of access­ories for Elec­tro­nic Shelf Labels (ESL), you can imple­ment current prices, adver­ti­sing and labe­l­ing directly on the shelf.

Our POS TUNING moun­ting systems are suita­ble for atta­ching adver­ti­sing mate­ri­als such as hooks, high­ligh­ters, clamps, ceiling suspen­si­ons and much more. And the best part is that at POS TUNING you get ever­y­thing from a single source.

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Accessories for electronic price labels & price marking on the shelf

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How do electronic price labels work in retail?

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What is special about attaching the labels to the ESL rail?

Do customers have to take care of the printing on the electronic shelves themselves?

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