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Make the product launch successful

Success at the POS

With POS TUNING your new product will be optimally pushed

Do you want to launch a new product on the market? The development of new products is expensive and risky. No matter how good your product is, the flop rate of new product launches is extremely high because customers have to get to know your product first. Investments in marketing measures are therefore absolutely necessary. With the right POS tools for your product launch, you significantly increase the chances of lasting success.

How do I ensure the successful launch of a product?

To ensure your success when launching new products, POS TUNING offers you various tools. The staging of your new product in a “novelty window” can be perfectly realized with frames . The frame pulls the shopper’s attention . Stoppers on the shelf and the Communication via front stripes draw the shopper’s attention to the new product. Branded feeders for the product ensure correct refilling and permanently good visibility and grip for the shopper. Movement catches the eye of the shopper: Battery-operated LED indicators draw attention to your new products right at the beginning of the new product launch

Successful product launch with POS TUNING

Get the attention of your new product by using our POS tools ! These include, for example, front strips for orientation and communication, colored compartment dividers and action frames, LEDs and much more.

Our goal: Your new product launch will be a success and the product will delight the shopper and retailer!

The stage is yours! Click here for the idea book for your brand.

FAQs on new product launches

What is a product launch?

A product launch is the date set by the company for establishing a product on the market. The actual process begins with the first idea for the product and ends with the launch of the final product on the market .

How does a product get into the supermarket?

Roughly speaking, you can get your product into the supermarket in three different ways : You sell your product to a store manager or owner for his stores. You sell your new product to the regional headquarters of a supermarket chain (e.g. Rewe Nord, Rewe Süd, Edeka Nord…)
You sell your product to the national headquarters (e.g. Edeka National, Rewe National). If a head office buys your product, it will be listed . This listing can vary. A “can list” means that each store of the associated head office can, but does not have to, include the product. A “must/mandatory listing” means that a product must be listed in every market.

As a rule, the concrete procedure is as follows: You convince the purchasing department to take a look at your new product. You prepare a presentation for this and quality management then checks whether the product meets expectations. The product is then often initially listed in a test phase in selected markets . Depending on its success, the product will either be removed from the range or listed in other supermarkets.

What do I have to consider when launching the product?

There is no general roadmap for launching a new product . Targeted project management and optimal process design are always important. The company and the new product should always form a unit and be mutually linked. For example, you should ask yourself: “Does the product fit the company?”, “Is the product directly associated with the brand?” and “Is it value for money?”.

What is a go-to-market concept?

The market launch concept contains the strategic focus of your market launch in detail. It defines, for example, target groups and locations, your pricing policy and communication measures.

Your marketing concept should provide answers to the following questions, among others:

When is the right time to launch your new product?
Which target groups do you want to address in the market launch phase?
What is the particular benefit of your product for your target groups?
How should your product be perceived ?
How does your product differ from competitive products?
In which regional markets should your new product be launched and in what order should others be added?
What obstacles might stand in your way?
How should the marketing measures for the product launch be designed?
How do you measure the success of your product?

What do I need to bring a product to market?

At the beginning you naturally need an idea for an innovative product . In the next step, you should create a market launch concept in which you also keep an eye on the correct placement of your product in the supermarket . POS TUNING will be happy to support you in this.

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