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Presentation solutions for plain packaging

Plain Packs

Standardized packaging in the tobacco sector

More and more count­ries are chan­ging their legis­la­tion to a complete ban on brands and adver­ti­sing of tobacco products. France, Austra­lia, Belgium, Turkey and Great Britain are just a few examp­les. The result: stan­dar­di­zed pack­a­ging at the point of sale — mostly in olive brown. This is certainly not nice and addi­tio­nally compli­ca­tes the orien­ta­tion for custo­mers and sellers. Our point of sale solu­ti­ons ensure that they still draw atten­tion to your brand and provide the best orien­ta­tion at the tobacco shelf.

The problems of the category
“Plain Packaging”

  • Unit pack­a­ging is an orien­ta­tion chall­enge
  • Finding the right product takes consider­a­bly longer than with graphic brand logos
  • Conven­tio­nal feed systems often obscure the brand text

Your advantages with POS TUNING goods presentation solutions

  • Best view of the brand text faci­li­tate the search for the right product
  • Better orien­ta­tion due to a tidy shelf appearance with hori­zon­tal presen­ta­tion with POS‑T SloMo pushers
  • Knowing what’s where with the POS‑T orien­ta­tion aids

The figures at a glance

  • 4 times the custo­mer and seller sees the brand text in a stacked, hori­zon­tal presen­ta­tion
  • 100 percent reada­bility of the brand text ensu­res faster orien­ta­tion

Plain Pack Solutions

Cigarettes presented horizontally

Hori­zon­tal presen­ta­tion

Clear view — with the POS‑T merchan­dise feed for plain packs, the brand text is even easier to read.


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Cigarettes presented lying

Lying presen­ta­tion

Clear view — With a hori­zon­tal presen­ta­tion with the POS‑T SloMo merchan­dise feeds you achieve a clea­rer over­all picture.


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Orientation on the shelf

Orien­ta­tion on the shelf

With compart­ment divi­der clips for orien­ta­tion notes, you will always find what you are looking for.

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The experts at the point of sale

We are your world­wide part­ner when it comes to your tobacco shelf.
Whether king-size, big or slim packs, round oral tobacco cans or modern
E‑cigarettes as cap or liquid system. Whether stan­ding or
presen­ta­tion — all products are opti­mally presen­ted with POS TUNING.
set in scene. We also have the right answers to the
Problems of the future — chan­ged legal frame­work condi­ti­ons and
Reduc­tion of available shelf space. Our long expe­ri­ence
in this market segment makes us your relia­ble specia­list.

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