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Tobacco products in

Dark Market

Tightened legal situation

The times when people smoked in thrillers, movies or TV shows are long gone. And at the point of sale, too, laws in many countries ensure that tobacco products can no longer be seen. This is referred to as a "dark market".

England, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands are just a few example countries where a dark market law change has already been initiated. And the truth is grim - Dark Market is coming. So be ready before it starts.


Everything in view even in the dark ?

Placement & Stocking Solutions

In your market, tobacco products are no longer allowed to be openly displayed due to legal regulations? Here, our solutions for the point of sale offer new placement and stocking options, optimized inventory management and easy orientation for the employee.


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We have THE solutions
for existing shelf placements,
closed furniture and sales counters

  • Dark market flaps and faceplates

  • POS-T duplex pushers

  • Stock Control Pusher

  • Lifts and drawer solutions

  • Quick Server

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The "Dark Market" compliant placement

Does the display ban on tobacco products apply in your store, i.e. the ban on visibly presenting tobacco products? This so-called dark market presents you with completely new challenges regarding the placement of your products at the point of sale? You are probably wondering how to make the existing placement “dark market compliant”. Or how you create new placement opportunities?

Especially when the customer can no longer be “lured” with an open presentation of the products, service plays an even greater role. The customer must therefore be served quickly with his desired product. This means that a Dark Market compliant placement must absolutely guarantee optimal orientation and quick access for the store employee. Another challenge is that the products are always available in sufficient quantities. Thus, new stocking solutions need to be created at the point of sale. But you do not have to worry!

We have answers to your questions. Take a look at our brochure or catalog to see our intelligent solutions for the placement and stocking of tobacco products at the point of sale in the dark market. We, as a long-time specialist for the Point of Sale, have intelligent solutions for you.

The problems of the category
“Dark Market”

  • Dark Market means the end of a visible tobacco presentation
  • The sale takes place “under the counter
  • Many think that existing shelving systems need expensive retrofitting

Your advantages with POS TUNING goods presentation solutions

  • Conversion in a few seconds
  • Plug-in systems can be removed for filling
  • Visually high quality, printable and easy to handle

Dark Market Solutions

Flap solutions for shelves

Flap solutions for shelves

Flap solution for quick conversion of existing shelving systems. Opening from top to bottom. Individually adaptable to your shelf dimensions.

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Flap solutions for single facings

With the faceplates from POS TUNING it is possible to cover individual facings in the shelf.


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Stock Control Pusher

Stock control pusher

With the Stock-Control Pusher by POS TUNING for RMC you get a visual level indicator.


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