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Tobacco products in

Dark Market

Tightened legal situation

The times when people smoked in thril­lers, movies or TV shows are long gone. And at the point of sale, too, laws in many count­ries ensure that tobacco products can no longer be seen. This is refer­red to as a “dark market”.

England, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the Nether­lands are just a few exam­ple count­ries where a dark market law change has alre­ady been initia­ted. And the truth is grim — Dark Market is coming. So be ready before it starts.

Everything in view even in the dark ?

Placement & Stocking Solutions

In your market, tobacco products are no longer allo­wed to be openly displayed due to legal regu­la­ti­ons? Here, our solu­ti­ons for the point of sale offer new place­ment and stocking opti­ons, opti­mi­zed inven­tory manage­ment and easy orien­ta­tion for the employee.

We have THE solutions for existing shelf placements, closed furniture and sales counters

  • Dark market flaps and faceplates

  • POS‑T duplex pushers

  • Stock control pusher and lift

  • Lifts and drawer solutions

  • Quick Server with Multi Row

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Further infor­ma­tion

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Further infor­ma­tion

The “Dark Market” compliant placement

Does the display ban on tobacco products apply in your store, i.e. the ban on visi­bly presen­ting tobacco products? This so-called dark market pres­ents you with comple­tely new chal­lenges regar­ding the place­ment of your products at the point of sale? I’m sure you’re wonde­ring how to make exis­ting place­ment “dark market compli­ant” or how to create new place­ment oppor­tu­ni­ties?

Espe­ci­ally when the custo­mer can no longer be “lured” with an open presen­ta­tion of the products, service plays an even grea­ter role. The custo­mer must ther­e­fore be served quickly with his desi­red product. This means that a Dark Market compli­ant place­ment must abso­lut­ely guaran­tee opti­mal orien­ta­tion and quick access for the store employee. Another chall­enge is that the products are always available in suffi­ci­ent quan­ti­ties. Thus, new stocking solu­ti­ons need to be crea­ted at the point of sale. But you do not have to worry!

We have answers to your ques­ti­ons. Take a look at our brochure or cata­log to see our intel­li­gent solu­ti­ons for the place­ment and stocking of tobacco products at the point of sale in the dark market. We, as a long-time specia­list for the Point of Sale, have intel­li­gent solu­ti­ons for you.

The problems of the category
“Dark Market”

  • Dark Market means the end of a visi­ble tobacco presen­ta­tion
  • The sale takes place “under the coun­ter
  • Many think that exis­ting shel­ving systems need expen­sive retro­fit­ting

Your advantages with POS TUNING goods presentation solutions

  • Conver­sion in a few seconds
  • Plug-in systems can be remo­ved for filling
  • Visually high quality, prin­ta­ble and easy to handle

Dark Market Solutions

Flap solutions for shelves

Flap solu­ti­ons for shel­ves

Flap solu­tion for quick conver­sion of exis­ting shel­ving systems. Opening from top to bottom. Indi­vi­du­ally adap­ta­ble to your shelf dimen­si­ons.

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Flap solu­ti­ons for single facings

With the face­pla­tes from POS TUNING it is possi­ble to cover indi­vi­dual facings in the shelf.


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Multi Row

The special feature in Quick­ser­ver

The Multi Row offers even more variety with the same amount of drawer space and allows for easy filling and removal.


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Stock Control Pusher

Stock control pusher

With the Stock-Control Pusher by POS TUNING for RMC you get a visual level indi­ca­tor.


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SCP Lift

Stock Control Pusher Lift

The SCP lift consists of indi­vi­dual chan­nels,
which are remo­ved and exch­an­ged sepa­ra­tely
can. Effort­less removal and filling of the chan­nels with ciga­rette packs is guaran­teed.


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