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Digitization in retail — with the help of the smart shelf

Stationary trade goes online!

The movement of goods becomes knowledge

Take advan­tage of the wealth of infor­ma­tion that the shelf provi­des you with. Very simple — with our goods pusher system toge­ther with the sensor element Stock Beacon and the asso­cia­ted cloud appli­ca­tion from our part­ner neoalto. Our solu­ti­ons for trade and indus­try improve your service — with smart shel­ves and intel­li­gent data analy­sis.

Your smart shelf for automated inventory reporting

A smart shelf is a shelf that is equip­ped with digi­tal sensor tech­no­logy. For exam­ple, these racks provide an auto­ma­ted inven­tory report or avoid so-called out-of-stock situa­tions, which means empty racks. This allows you to use a wide range of infor­ma­tion and data analy­sis provi­ded by your Smart Shelf to opti­mize your merchan­dise manage­ment.

Our merchan­dise feed system can be easily trans­for­med into an opti­mal smart shelf with the Stock Bacon sensor element and the asso­cia­ted cloud appli­ca­tion from our part­ner neoalto. The small, intel­li­gent Stock Bacon sensor element is plug­ged into the back of the POS‑T merchan­dise feeder, turning your merchan­dise feeder shelf into a Smart Shelf in no time at all. The sensor element uses state-of-the-art laser tech­no­logy to measure stock levels on the shelf and reports them in real time to the neoalto Retail Service Cloud. This means that you as a retailer can find out directly how stocks are doing on your shel­ves. The cloud is acces­si­ble to you as a user via digi­tal devices. In addi­tion, the cloud of your Smart Shelf not only reports stock levels and thus avoids out-of-stock situa­tions, but even trig­gers auto­ma­tic orders if desi­red. The neoalto Retail Service Cloud from your Smart Shelf offers a lot of advan­ta­ges for you and your retail. The Smart Shelf increa­ses the avai­la­bi­lity of goods and thus gene­ra­tes more sales in the long term. You also reduce mark­downs and get more reve­nue. A signi­fi­cant advan­tage is the reduc­tion in person­nel expen­ses. Smart Shelf not only gives your staff less shelf main­ten­ance work, it also auto­ma­tes inven­tory checks and orders. Thus, you save more costs and your employees can take care of custo­mer service.


To the current Smart Shelf Case Study: When hardware and software shake hands

Online inventory management with the Smart Shelf

A smart shelf is espe­ci­ally important for inven­tory manage­ment. As a retailer, you always want to offer your custo­mers the product they want in the right quan­tity, at the right time and, above all, at the right place. Empty shel­ves or out-of-stock situa­tions can thus be skillfully avoided. In order to always guaran­tee your custo­mers avai­la­bi­lity of goods, you should make use of the Smart Shelf so that your goods feed systems are never empty. With your Smart Shelf’s online inven­tory manage­ment, the plan­ning and orde­ring of goods is auto­ma­ted and made more effi­ci­ent. In addi­tion, the sensor-control­led shel­ving system offers targe­ted field service plan­ning. The field service for the shel­ves, which are filled directly by the indus­try part­ner, is noti­fied at all times by the Smart Shelf cloud when stocks are running low. Thus, a targe­ted and simpli­fied plan­ning is given. The Smart Shelf offers a perfect real-time over­view of the stock on the shelf.

shopper interaction

Acti­vate your shop­pers! For exam­ple, when you pick your product from the shelf, play a suita­ble video on the screen with a recipe recom­men­da­tion or other suita­ble brands from your port­fo­lio. Or send a coupon to the shopper’s smart­phone while they are near your product.

Frau am Regal

Your benefit

  • Targe­ted shop­per acti­va­tion matching your product
  • Diffe­rent promo­ti­ons possi­ble for diffe­rent products
  • Send coupons directly to the customer’s smart­phone

Theft prevention with the help of the Smart Shelf

The Smart Shelf and our part­ner neoalto are not only bene­fi­cial in inven­tory manage­ment, but also offer signi­fi­cant bene­fits in theft preven­tion. Build on deter­rence, alarm and acti­va­tion with your sensor-control­led shel­ving system for theft preven­tion at the point of sale. As a deter­rent, you can play jingles or announce­ments when suspi­cious removals occur. Your Smart Shelf sends a live age directly to your mobile device in the event of a suspi­cious removal, allo­wing secu­rity person­nel to respond imme­dia­tely. Theft is proven to be signi­fi­cantly redu­ced with the intel­li­gent shel­ving system.

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