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The economical gravity solution: The POS-T VARUS sliding system

Variable. Universal. Stable.


The POS-T VARUS sliding system, with its unique surface, is the ideal system to let your products slide forward smoothly, even with a minimal inclination of the shelves. This system is particularly suitable for products with a fixed stand such as beverages, glasses and canned food. It can also be used in plus refrigeration without any problems - so you reduce shelf maintenance for fast-moving items such as yogurt pots and milk cartons.


The POS-T VARUS sliding system can be used on all standard shelving systems. Even with straight shelves, the slope angles can be retrofitted to 6° and 9° with little effort using the optional POS-T slope solution.


The gravity solution can not only be used on all retail racks, but installation on very deep heavy-duty racks is also possible without any problems.


You can create order by using the POS-T tray dividers. These snap into place with the sliding mat and form a stable sliding compartment.

pos tuning - pos-t varus gleitsystem

Your benefit

  • Front presentation by gravity – optimum visibility and orientation, greatly reduced shelf maintenance effort
  • Already from 6° angle of inclination – hardly any loss of height, no loss of shelves
  • Easy installation with only a few components.
  • Easy adaptation to different product widths – simple planogram changes
  • Low front height for customer-friendly removal and easy storage.
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