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The economical gravity solution:
The POS‑T VARUS sliding system

Variable. Universal. Stable.


The POS‑T VARUS sliding system, with its unique surface, is the ideal system to let your products slide forward smoothly, even with a mini­mal incli­na­tion of the shel­ves. This system is parti­cu­larly suita­ble for products with a fixed stand such as bever­a­ges, glas­ses and canned food. It can also be used in plus refri­ge­ra­tion without any problems — so you reduce shelf main­ten­ance for fast-moving items such as yogurt pots and milk cartons.


The POS‑T VARUS sliding system can be used on all standard shelving systems. Even with straight shelves, the slope angles can be retrofitted to 6° and 9° with little effort using the optional POS‑T slope solution.


The gravity solution can not only be used on all retail racks, but installation on very deep heavy-duty racks is also possible without any problems.


You can create order by using the POS‑T tray dividers. These snap into place with the sliding mat and form a stable sliding compartment.

pos tuning - pos-t varus gleitsystem

Your benefit

  • Front presen­ta­tion by gravity — opti­mum visi­bi­lity and orien­ta­tion, greatly redu­ced shelf main­ten­ance effort
  • Alre­ady from 6° angle of incli­na­tion — hardly any loss of height, no loss of shel­ves
  • Easy instal­la­tion with only a few compon­ents.
  • Easy adapt­a­tion to diffe­rent product widths — simple plano­gram chan­ges
  • Low front height for custo­mer-friendly removal and easy storage.
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The gravity solution with cool curve

Presen­ting chil­led bever­a­ges in perfect view and within easy reach is easy and hassle-free thanks to POS‑T Varus. Being able to offer shop­pers chil­led drinks at all times has been a chall­enge until now. In some cases, the refil­ling process could only be done from the front, which meant that the drinks were only cooled in the rear area.

By simply instal­ling the addi­tio­nal module POS‑T VARUS CURVE, an ideal cycle of your products is crea­ted — during filling and removal. The products are trans­por­ted in the correct order during filling and are in the best view­ing area. Your custo­mer will always find chil­led products in the ideal grip area. When remo­ved, the next refri­ge­ra­ted product slides in and is ready for the next shop­per. Keeping to the best-before date is also child’s play with this system (FiFo).

Your benefit

  • Opti­mal visi­bi­lity and orien­ta­tion — front presen­ta­tion by gravity
  • Quick and easy filling, low shelf main­ten­ance requi­re­ments
  • Cold products always stand in front in the handle area
  • Simp­lest FiFo method: easy recor­ding and adhe­rence to the best-before date.

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