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Our successful products for shelf organization

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Perfect shelf order

With perfect shelf order, you score points with your customers. Take advantage of POS TUNING's solutions for optimized shelf organization. From compartment dividers to front panels and goods chutes. We offer a wide range of options for your product presentation at the point of sale. Let POS TUNING's solutions for perfect shelf organization convince you and restructure your shelves.

The right system components for every need

Compartment dividerShelf arrangement

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Front RailsSecure hold for your products on the shelf

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Product chutesShelf organization for small products

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More than just a "plastic divider

POS-T tray divider

From the customer’s point of view, shelf order and article availability are decisive factors for a quick decision at the point of sale. Often the problem is not only the lack of articles, but above all the orientation, i.e. the structuring and identification of the essential articles and information in broad and opaque assortments. This is where POS comes in with systems for perfect shelf organization. The POS-T compartment dividers create clear structures and help customers find their way around. Search and access times are shortened by optimized shelf organization and the impulse purchase rate is measurably increased.

Depending on the product and application, we offer dividers in heights of 35, 60, 100 or 120 mm and in lengths from 80 to 580 mm. In addition, POS-T shelf dividers are not just simple “plastic dividers”, but a system with many intelligent detailed solutions for optimal shelf organization. The merchandise feed systems enable optimum visibility, easy orientation in the assortment and greatly reduced shelf maintenance. Both customers and their employees benefit from the easier removal of products. The systems are easy to install on all floors and can be adapted to different product widths, making it possible to change assortments.

  • Optimum visibility and orientation, greatly reduced shelf maintenance effort
  • Easy mounting on all floors
  • Easy adaptation to different product widths – simple planogram changes
  • Customer-friendly removal and easy storage due to a low front height

And this is only a short excerpt from the POS-T tray divider range. Further variants are available on request.

POs-T Fachteiler

Your benefit

  • Quality from the market leader – POS-T polycarbonate dividers are stable and unbreakable
  • The perfect pair – POS-T shelf dividers with POS-T merchandise feeders
  • Overview and order on the shelf
  • Optimum orientation for the customer, greatly reduced shelf maintenance effort
  • Easy mounting with only one handle on all shelves
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Safe on the shelf!

POS-T front screens

Secure hold of the goods in the shelf is of great importance for a perfect shelf order – no matter whether when putting away or pulling forward or ensuring a particularly customer-friendly removal – you achieve all this with the shatterproof POS-T front panel for U-beads.

The innovative manufacturing process made by POS TUNING in Ostwestfalen-Lippe has many advantages over comparable products. Clean, rounded edges with full transparency allow safe removal and full visibility.

POS-T Frontscheiben

Your benefit

  • Secure hold of the products when putting away or pulling forward
  • Particularly customer-friendly product removal from the shelf
  • Best quality made in Germany and at the same time particularly inexpensive
  • 65 mm universal front panel, pluggable into all U-beads
  • All commercial lengths available
  • More shatterproof compared to conventional acrylic and glass front panels
  • Reduction of fingerprints and other soiling due to manufacture in polycarbonate
  • Rounded edges – no danger of cutting for customers, gentle to packaging
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Order in the smallest space

POS-T goods pouring

POS-T tubs made of high quality acrylic are the perfect merchandise dispensers for small merchandise or non-packaged products such as travel size cosmetics, giveaways, individually wrapped confectionery and cradle merchandise. Whether for use on counters, in checkout areas, or on retail shelves, POS-T merchandise chutes entice customers to reach directly into them. The transparent boxes make the goods easily visible and encourage purchase. You can get the POS-T goods trays in different sizes, also stackable and with individual printing. Give your counter that certain something!

POS Lösung Schütte

Your benefit

  • Order for micro products provide more sales and better appearance
  • Better clarity and easier orientation

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