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Second place
measure in trade

When hardware and software shake hands

Intelligent shelves — live data directly from the point of sale

A shelf that gene­ra­tes know­ledge? Just a few years ago, this seemed to be a mere vision of the future. The “Smart Shelf” measu­res, analy­zes and proac­tively ensu­res that the right goods, in the right quan­tity, at the right time, are in the right place.

Project profile

4 stores, 446 parking spaces
High frequency place­ments in diffe­rent zones in diffe­rent outlets.
Out-of-stocks of over 40% for some artic­les, resul­ting in insuf­fi­ci­ent utiliza­tion of sales poten­tial.
Compa­ri­son of impulse cooling, bran­ded coolers, check­out place­ment and stem place­ment.
Deter­mi­na­tion of KPI’s out-of-stock, sales imd lost sales per article, zone and point of sale.
Point-of-sale and zone-opti­mi­zed deri­va­tion of shop­per-friendly plano­grams.
Rebuild place­ments and re-sensory measu­re­ment of KPI’s out-of-stock, sales and lost sales.
33.35% less out-of-stock rate
5.18 % more sales
62.24 % less lost sales

The “Smart Shelf” is the connec­tion of the analog with the digi­tal world. For this purpose, any shelf can be equip­ped with the proven POS TUNING merchan­dise feeders. With each move­ment of goods on the shelf, the perfor­mance of the product place­ment is measu­red live. This makes it possi­ble to moni­tor and opti­mize the avai­la­bi­lity of goods for shop­pers, lost sales, plano­gram quality and multi­ple place­ments in the store.

The “Smart Shelf” crea­tes a win-win situa­tion for all sides: Shop­pers bene­fit from a perfect product image that provi­des orien­ta­tion and an over­view. Employees save them­sel­ves all the work of main­tai­ning the shel­ves, as this is done by the auto­ma­tic merchan­dise feed system. And retail­ers — thanks to the “Smart Shelf’s” data — always have a sales-orien­ted plano­gram and suffi­ci­ent merchan­dise on the shelf.

Turn goods movement into knowledge

The Smart Shelf provides live data


Less out-of-stock rate


more sales


less lost sales

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