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When hardware and software shake hands

Intelligent shelves - live data directly from the point of sale

A shelf that generates knowledge? Just a few years ago, this seemed to be a mere vision of the future. Today, neoalto’s cloud-based sensor technology, together with POS TUNING’s feed systems, transforms every shelf into a veritable treasure trove of information. The “Smart Shelf” measures, analyzes and proactively ensures that the right goods are in the right place at the right time.

Project profile

4 stores, 446 parking spaces
High frequency placements in different zones in different outlets.
Out-of-stocks of over 40% for some articles, resulting in insufficient utilization of sales potential.
Comparison of impulse cooling, branded coolers, checkout placement and stem placement.
Determination of KPI's out-of-stock, sales imd lost sales per article, zone and point of sale.
Point-of-sale and zone-optimized derivation of shopper-friendly planograms.
Rebuild placements and re-sensory measurement of KPI's out-of-stock, sales and lost sales.
33.35% less out-of-stock rate
5.18 % more sales
62.24 % less lost sales

The “Smart Shelf” is the connection of the analog with the digital world. For this purpose, any shelf can be equipped with the proven POS TUNING merchandise feeders. The POS-T product feeds take the sensors from neoalto “piggyback”. With each movement of goods on the shelf, the performance of the product placement is measured live. This allows, among other things, the availability of goods for shoppers or lost sales, planogram quality and also multiple placement in the market to be monitored and optimized.

The “Smart Shelf” creates a win-win situation for all sides: Shoppers benefit from a perfect product image that provides orientation and an overview. Employees save themselves all the work of maintaining the shelves, as this is done by the automatic merchandise feed system. And retailers – thanks to the “Smart Shelf’s” data – always have a sales-oriented planogram and sufficient merchandise on the shelf.

Turn goods movement into knowledge

The Smart Shelf provides live data


Less out-of-stock rate


more sales


less lost sales

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