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Brand perception at the point of sale

Pole position for your brand

What is not seen is not bought. This is why your product belongs in the best view and reach at the point of sale – in pole position, so to speak. Achieve more sales directly with POS brand activation at the point of sale!

Increase shelf visibility and
influence brand perception

Shelves can be divided into different zones. The stretching zone (starts from 170 cm), the vision zone (height from 120 cm to 170 cm), the gripping zone (between 80 cm and 120 cm) and finally the bending zone (everything under 80 cm).

What customers associate with your brand is brand perception. This perception can significantly influence purchasing decisions. With POS TUNING you can influence and measure brand perception.

If you evaluate this perception within the individual zones, it becomes clear that products in the bending zone are hardly noticed or not noticed at all. If your brand is only managed in the buck zone, no brand perception can be built up. If a product is placed in the gripping zone, brand awareness already increases.

Optimal placement on the shelf is therefore essential for building brand perception.

The stage is yours! Click here for the idea book for your brand.

Prerequisites for more success at the point of sale: promoting brand awareness

The way the goods are presented at the point of sale determines the success of your product: over 65% of purchasing decisions are only made at the point of sale. This is where your customer meets your product for the first time – the moment of truth: Does the point of sale reflect the messages of your brand conveyed “above the line”?

Because only what is seen is also bought! By using push feed systems, your products are always in pole position. Even the last product on the shelf is transported to the front and is directly in the customer’s field of vision.

We are innovation leaders in the field of pusher systems and are the ideal partner to increase your brand awareness and to place your products in a visible way. Get in touch and let us advise you individually!

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