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POS TUNING — Innovation Made In Germany

Advantages for shoppers, industry and retail

With us, shop­pers, indus­try and retail bene­fit equally. Easy access and relia­ble avai­la­bi­lity of the favou­rite product plea­ses the shop­pers, while indus­try and retail have less shelf main­ten­ance effort and increased sales due to the impro­ved product presence. Because: Shop­pers only buy products they can see. Empty and untidy shel­ves are a thing of the past with us.

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Shaping the future through innovation

For us, respon­si­ble action also includes consciously helping to shape the future. We see oursel­ves as an inno­va­tion leader in our indus­try with the constant claim to further deve­lop our company and our products. With our inno­va­tive product deve­lo­p­ments, we are helping to shape the future of trade.


Unique worldwide

Our plant in Bad Salzu­flen is home to the world’s only fully auto­ma­tic feed assem­bly system

3D printing technology

We alre­ady use 3D prin­ting tech­no­logy for our sample produc­tions

Most modern technology

We carry out pilot projects with new tech­no­lo­gies, such as augmen­ted and virtual reality as well as e‑pick systems

State of the Art

We deve­lop pionee­ring inno­va­tions for the food retail indus­try (auto­dispo, cashl­ess shop­ping)
POS Lösung Warenvorschub

Visionary product solutions

Since 1998, we have been deve­lo­ping inter­na­tio­nally successful systems for opti­mal product presen­ta­tion in retail. Not only push­feeds, but also lift and glide systems, light­ing, orga­ni­sa­tion and theft preven­tion systems as well as orien­ta­tion tools are our specia­lity. We also help shape the future of retail with visio­nary solu­ti­ons such as digi­tal inven­tory manage­ment and the latest tech­no­lo­gies for cashl­ess shop­ping. POS TUNING deli­vers to over 120 count­ries world­wide and offers highest quality „Made in Germany“.

Our headquarters in Bad Salzuflen


We are a family busi­ness with around 250 employees. At our head­quar­ters in Bad Salzu­flen, Germany, both the admi­nis­tra­tion and the complete produc­tion are loca­ted. All our products are manu­fac­tu­red here on site. There are further POS TUNING bran­ches and sales offices in Spain, France and Turkey. We work closely with our stra­te­gic sales part­ners world­wide.

made in germany


Our goals

Our ecological endeavors

We take respon­si­bi­lity for the envi­ron­ment through RESPONSIBLE ACTION.


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Our economic endeavors

Our company prin­ci­ples and certi­fi­ca­ti­ons — Quality at POS TUNING!


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Our social endeavors

Passing on success — through SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT


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Brand of the Century 2022

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