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Our successful products for shelf & shop fittings

The perfect look

Dress up your store

You want to inspire shop­pers when they enter your store? You need more shelf space to show the variety of your product range? Do you want a high-quality presen­ta­tion on parti­cu­larly elegant shel­ves? Do you want to high­light a depart­ment or speci­fic products? We have the solu­ti­ons! Click on the product tiles below and find out how to make your store even more attrac­tive and offer your custo­mers an opti­mal product presen­ta­tion.

The right product for every need

POS‑T Security Cabinet ProTheft prevention in retail

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Glas TiersShelf construction with style and intelligence

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EnlighteningPerfectly illuminated shelves thanks to LEDs

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PlusOne chilled shelfThe space-saving miracle

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Theft prevention


Self-service in retail is indis­pensable today — howe­ver, this term is taken all too lite­rally by custo­mers, suppli­ers, service staff and often also by the company’s own employees and leads to enorm­ous losses in retail every year. This is where the POS‑T Secu­rity Cabi­net PRO comes in.

Whether it’s high-quality spirits, tobacco products or shaving access­ories, the POS‑T Secu­rity Cabi­net PRO offers a visually high-quality presen­ta­tion of products in a secure area. Access to the product is made possi­ble via a radio lock. The wire­less unlo­cker is loca­ted, for exam­ple, at the check­out — in the direct access area of the staff. So you don’t keep your custo­mers waiting!

Security Cabinet Pro POS TUNING

Your benefits

  • Perfectly presen­ted, secu­rely protec­ted, easy to unlock
  • Always within reach and sight — 100% compa­ti­ble with all
    POS‑T shelf orga­ni­sa­tion systems
  • Perfectly staged for the final impulse — illu­mi­na­ted merchan­dise
    with POS‑T LED systems

High-Class Glas

POS‑T glass tiers

Whether you want to achieve moder­niza­tion, increased shelf space or a new look – POS‑T glass shel­ves and brackets are your solu­tion. They are compa­ti­ble with many exis­ting shel­ving systems. With little cost and a very simple conver­sion, you will not only achieve a high-quality face­lift for your shel­ves, but also more display space for your products. POS‑T glass shel­ves will enable you to achieve maxi­mum space utili­sa­tion.

The glass shel­ves have smoot­hed edges and are shat­ter­proof. Widths up to 1250 mm are available. The special univer­sal brackets with inte­gra­ted rubber support round off the appearance.

Whether it’s for expen­sive spirits, luxury perfume or tobacco products – the use of POS‑T glass shel­ves will put your products in the lime­light.

POS TUNING Glasetagen

Your benefits

  • Refi­ned look for the shelf through glass shel­ves
  • More display space
  • Verti­cal space gain compared to metal shel­ves
  • Simple, cost-effec­tive instal­la­tion for a variety of system shel­ves

Enlightening — Emotional — Environmentally friendly

POS‑T LED Systems

Around 90% of all infor­ma­tion is recei­ved by the human eye. Howe­ver, it only remains in the human sensory memory for a frac­tion of a second. Offe­ring objec­tively good services is not enough; shop­pers must also notice and appre­ciate them.

POS‑T light­ing posi­tio­ned right next to the goods on the shelf, catches the atten­tion of shop­pers and brings the products into focus. This increa­ses sales of the illu­mi­na­ted products by 19% on average

(source: DDI USA, Niel­sen 2009)

POS-T LED Systeme

Your benefits

  • Better visi­bi­lity of the products and ther­e­fore higher sales
  • Orien­ta­tion and emoti­ons at the POS
  • Noti­ceable increase in the amount of impulse buys
  • Reduc­tion of energy consump­tion with the envi­ron­men­tally friendly POS‑T LED systems
  • POS‑T LED systems are free from infrared (IR) and ultra­vio­let (UV) light which protects your price tag rails and other plas­tic parts in the direct vici­nity

Space-saving miracle

POS‑T PlusOne chilled shelf – for an outstanding product presentation in the chilled shelves.

Add space and orga­ni­sa­tion to your chil­led shel­ves.

Self-service products on refri­ge­ra­ted shel­ves are popu­lar products that win over custo­mers with the promise of fresh­ness. Adhe­ring to the best-before date and stock­ta­king accor­ding to the FIFO prin­ci­ple are among the daily chal­lenges. Fresh products presen­ta­tion by POS TUNING is here to help and guaran­tee perfect visi­bi­lity of your products with increased shelf space.

The POS‑T Plus­One chil­led shelf gives you up to 20% more space in your chil­ler. The POS‑T Plus­One chil­led shelf is so sturdy due to its special design that a front folded edge is not neces­sary. This allows you to build one more shelf per axis without your custo­mers strugg­ling to reach products.


Your benefits

  • Signi­fi­cant sales increa­ses of up to 17% compared to card­board presen­ta­ti­ons
  • Up to 20% more shelf space per axle compared to other chil­led shel­ves
  • Perma­nent front presen­ta­tion with the POS‑T Compart­ment C90 push­feed system for self-service char­cu­te­rie, chee­ses, prepared salads and much more…
  • Perfect visi­bi­lity despite low inven­tory – fewer dupli­ca­tes
  • High-quality metal look in anthr­acite, conti­nuous front riser
  • Univer­sal chil­led shelf for all commer­cial refri­ge­ra­tion units
  • Shelf and bracket are one unit – simple instal­la­tion, suspend and done!

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