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Our successful products for shelf & shop fittings

The perfect look

Dress up your store

You want to inspire shoppers when they enter your store? You need more shelf space to show the variety of your product range? Do you want a high-quality presentation on particularly elegant shelves? Do you want to highlight a department or specific products? We have the solutions! Click on the product tiles below and find out how to make your store even more attractive and offer your customers an optimal product presentation.

The right product for every need

POS-T Security Cabinet ProTheft prevention in retail

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Glas TiersShelf construction with style and intelligence

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EnlighteningPerfectly illuminated shelves thanks to LEDs

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PlusOne chilled shelfThe space-saving miracle

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Theft prevention


Self-service in retail is indispensable today – however, this term is taken all too literally by customers, suppliers, service staff and often also by the company’s own employees and leads to enormous losses in retail every year. This is where the POS-T Security Cabinet PRO comes in.

Whether it’s high-quality spirits, tobacco products or shaving accessories, the POS-T Security Cabinet PRO offers a visually high-quality presentation of products in a secure area. Access to the product is made possible via a radio lock. The wireless unlocker is located, for example, at the checkout – in the direct access area of the staff. So you don’t keep your customers waiting!

Security Cabinet Pro POS TUNING

Your benefits

  • Perfectly presented, securely protected, easy to unlock
  • Always within reach and sight – 100% compatible with all
    POS-T shelf organisation systems
  • Perfectly staged for the final impulse – illuminated merchandise
    with POS-T LED systems

High-Class Glas

POS-T glass tiers

Whether you want to achieve modernization, increased shelf space or a new look – POS-T glass shelves and brackets are your solution. They are compatible with many existing shelving systems. With little cost and a very simple conversion, you will not only achieve a high-quality facelift for your shelves, but also more display space for your products. POS-T glass shelves will enable you to achieve maximum space utilisation.

The glass shelves have smoothed edges and are shatterproof. Widths up to 1250 mm are available. The special universal brackets with integrated rubber support round off the appearance.

Whether it’s for expensive spirits, luxury perfume or tobacco products – the use of POS-T glass shelves will put your products in the limelight.

POS TUNING Glasetagen

Your benefits

  • Refined look for the shelf through glass shelves
  • More display space
  • Vertical space gain compared to metal shelves
  • Simple, cost-effective installation for a variety of system shelves

Enlightening - Emotional - Environmentally friendly

POS-T LED Systems

Around 90% of all information is received by the human eye. However, it only remains in the human sensory memory for a fraction of a second. Offering objectively good services is not enough; shoppers must also notice and appreciate them.

POS-T lighting positioned right next to the goods on the shelf, catches the attention of shoppers and brings the products into focus. This increases sales of the illuminated products by 19% on average

(source: DDI USA, Nielsen 2009)

POS-T LED Systeme

Your benefits

  • Better visibility of the products and therefore higher sales
  • Orientation and emotions at the POS
  • Noticeable increase in the amount of impulse buys
  • Reduction of energy consumption with the environmentally friendly POS-T LED systems
  • POS-T LED systems are free from infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) light which protects your price tag rails and other plastic parts in the direct vicinity

Space-saving miracle

POS-T PlusOne chilled shelf – for an outstanding product presentation in the chilled shelves.

Add space and organisation to your chilled shelves.

Self-service products on refrigerated shelves are popular products that win over customers with the promise of freshness. Adhering to the best-before date and stocktaking according to the FIFO principle are among the daily challenges. Fresh products presentation by POS TUNING is here to help and guarantee perfect visibility of your products with increased shelf space.

The POS-T PlusOne chilled shelf gives you up to 20% more space in your chiller. The POS-T PlusOne chilled shelf is so sturdy due to its special design that a front folded edge is not necessary. This allows you to build one more shelf per axis without your customers struggling to reach products.


Your benefits

  • Significant sales increases of up to 17% compared to cardboard presentations
  • Up to 20% more shelf space per axle compared to other chilled shelves
  • Permanent front presentation with the POS-T Compartment C90 pushfeed system for self-service charcuterie, cheeses, prepared salads and much more…
  • Perfect visibility despite low inventory – fewer duplicates
  • High-quality metal look in anthracite, continuous front riser
  • Universal chilled shelf for all commercial refrigeration units
  • Shelf and bracket are one unit – simple installation, suspend and done!

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