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From transport packaging to perfect product presentation

The solution with system for all products in the tray

POS-T Systemtray

With our Systemtray, you can turn your transport packaging into the perfect presentation packaging. Thanks to the compatibility of our technology, your products are always at the front – in the best viewing and grip area of the shopper. There is no need to pull it forward and putting it away is child’s play.

This is how easy it is to achieve the perfect presentation in just 5 steps

POS-T Systemtray Anleitung

An additional perforation on the back and/or underside of the transport packaging for carrying out the POS-T goods feed turns your standard tray into a POS-T systemtray. As a “one-off investment”, the shelves are to be equipped with the special POS pushfeed for “tray operation”.

pos tuning pos-t systemtray image

Your benefit

  • Every second shopper praises the better order and overview
  • With the same dwell time, the dropout rate is reduced thanks to better orientation
  • The number of impulse purchases increases thanks to better product visibility
  • The effort required to store goods with a systemtray is reduced by 40% compared to storing individual products.
  • The effort required to bring the goods forward is completely eliminated
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