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Quality management — our certified guiding principles


Quality Management at POS TUNING

Econo­mic action must always be measura­ble. POS TUNING aligns its opera­tio­nal proce­du­res accor­din­gly. We use resour­ces in such a way that we always keep an eye on the econo­mic balance. The quali­fied guiding prin­ci­ples of our company are subjec­ted to strict controls at regu­lar inter­vals, so that it is guaran­teed that we always meet and remain true to our stan­dards. In addi­tion to a certi­fied quality manage­ment system and our Code of Conduct, this also includes our tested product port­fo­lio. All our products are tested for safety and dura­bi­lity and have the GS safety certi­fi­cate. Our effec­tive quality assu­rance is ISO certi­fied by TÜV Nord. We regu­larly undergo tests by parti­ci­pa­ting in the Supplier Quali­fi­ca­tion Program. We have our proces­ses, working condi­ti­ons, compli­ance with legal regu­la­ti­ons and requi­re­ments for person­nel and manage­ment tested by quali­fied proce­du­res and have been awarded the “Achie­ve­ment Award”. This enables us to constantly opti­mise and further deve­lop our actions and also our products in a constantly evol­ving society.

ISO certified by TÜV Nord

Ther­e­fore, we give a 3‑year guaran­tee on our push feed func­tion out of complete convic­tion. The TÜV also confirms our effec­tive quality assu­rance annu­ally with the ISO 9001 certi­fi­cate. In addi­tion, our products have the globally reco­g­nised GS safety certi­fi­cate.

Achievement Award by Intertek


Inter­tek evalua­ted POS TUNING’s prac­ti­ces accor­ding to the scope of the Supplier Quali­fi­ca­tion Programme, resul­ting in the fulfilm­ent of the perfor­mance crite­ria requi­red for the “Achie­ve­ment Award”.



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