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When developing new products, we are certain:

The future belongs to them
ready-to-shelf systems.

Bad Salzu­flen. (bre) Presen­ting brands and products in the best possi­ble posi­ti­ons is a prere­qui­site for custo­mers being able to see and buy them. This can only succeed with the right push feed system. We have been the perfect part­ner for the opti­mal presen­ta­tion of goods at the point of sale for over 20 years. Constant new deve­lo­p­ments and product opti­miza­tion make us the inno­va­tion leader in the indus­try.

For us this means: We want to opti­mize proces­ses and give the custo­mer time. In the past, for exam­ple, it was quite time-consum­ing to equip sales furni­ture with push feed systems. That’s diffe­rent now. Thanks to a new, inno­va­tive solu­tion, instal­la­ti­ons and conver­si­ons can now not only be conver­ted faster, but also much more easily . Shelf-ready systems make it possi­ble.

Shelf ready? What does that mean?

A complete instal­la­tion or conver­sion invol­ves many parts. We accepted the chall­enge of making this complex modu­lar system “simp­ler and better” for the custo­mer.

Ganz einfach: Das Einsetzen der Frontschienen ist mit wenigen Handgriffen erledigt.

Very simple: The front rails from box 1 can be inser­ted in just a few simple steps.

3) Vormontiert: Die Vorschubstränge sind bereits fertig zusammengebaut.

Pre-assem­bled: The feed lines are alre­ady fully assem­bled in box 2.

Ein Hingucker: So aufgeräumt sieht ein Kühlmöbel aus, das mit POS TUNING ausgestattet wurde.

An eye-catcher: a refri­ge­ra­tion unit that has been equip­ped with POS TUNING looks tidy.

A shelf-ready solu­tion consists of two boxes. In the first are the covers, which are alre­ady plug­ged into the front rails. Unpack, simply install, done. The requi­red feed strands are alre­ady assem­bled in the second box. Unpack, simply clip in, done. This halves the time requi­red to install the ready-to-shelf solu­ti­ons.

Our new concept goes even further: Not only are all systems pre-instal­led , the number of card­board boxes deli­vered has also been redu­ced. In addi­tion, the filling mate­rial has been kept to a mini­mum. Stickers on the boxes support the buil­der in words and pictures. Thanks to the ready-to-shelf system, assem­bly is comple­tely well thought-out, sustainable and simpli­fied from start to finish.

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