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POS TUNING – Sustainability and transparency

We bear responsibility for the environment


As a plastics processing company, POS TUNING has a special responsibility with regard to an undisturbed household of nature. We are aware of the role we play and review each processing step in terms of the interplay between people and the environment. Thus, our products are tailored for special longevity. We produce qualitatively on the highest technical standard, because we want that only the best products leave our house. We attach great importance to the selection of materials. We take back any old material, sort it and return it to a material cycle. This ensures that we can reprocess a large proportion of the plastics into new products or convert them into new products.
We heat our buildings with heat recovery from the compressed air produced by our machines, and we will convert our vehicle fleet to e-mobility in the future. Every single step, however small, is a step towards a greener future.

Energy saving refrigeration systems

The cooling system with compression refrigeration was replaced by energy-saving refrigeration systems with free cooling equipment.

Energy efficient vacuum pumps

The vacuum pumps on the extrusion line were upgraded to an even more energy-efficient variant.

Energy saving LED illuminant

The lighting in the halls as well as the outdoor lighting was completely converted to energy-saving LED lamps.

Massive CO2 reduction

Over the last 3 years, we have recorded a remarkable energy saving of 271,008 kWh/a as well as a Co2 reduction of 154.2 t/a.

Fully electronic injection molding machines

Our company works with fully electronic injection molding machines.

Heating with heat recovery

We heat our buildings via heat recovery from the compressed air production of our machines.

On site recycling

Plastic waste from the injection molding cycle is processed into new parts directly at the point of origin.

Control by environmental officer

Since the first of July 2018, we have had an Environmental Officer.

We take back any old goods

Resource-saving recycling cycle

All our products are high quality and have many years of tested durability. We take back used shelving systems free of charge as part of an order and transfer them to a resource-saving recycling cycle. We act responsibly for a POSitive future. The POS-T full service offer of free disassembly and disposal of old goods from your shelf is included when you book an assembly from POS TUNING. You want to exchange old goods? Contact us!

--- This offer is currently only valid for our customers in Germany ---

Certificate for assured sustainability


The future is close to our hearts and we act accordingly every day. We were even awarded the valuable seal of approval from the German Institute for Sustainability and Economics for this.

Siegel für Nachhaltigkeit Englisch 2023

POS TUNING project at Treedom

Visit the POS TUNING forest

We support the sustainable project "Treedom" for growing trees. These trees are planted by smallholders, for example in Kenya. In addition to the ecological aspect, the social component also plays a major role, because the yield from these fruit-bearing trees directly benefits the farmers.

To the POS TUNING forest

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