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Our POS-T Full Service Offer

We do it for you!

Full service for your success

Take advantage of our offer: You order POS TUNING products for a category of your choice. 14 days after receiving your order, our service team will come to you and transform your old shelf into a real eye-catcher in no time. We will clear the shelf, install the new POS TUNING products and then clear your category as well. Quite simply and quickly and without any extra effort on your part.

--- This offer is currently only valid for our customers in Germany ---

Clear out – Convert – Put away
within 14 days
from order at a fixed price.

The POS-T full service offer provides:

  • More turnover
  • Pays for itself within one year
  • Optimal availability and accessibility
  • Perfect visibility
  • Less shelf maintenance effort
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Questions about POS-T Full Service

1. how to calculate the price ?

We offer the service package for you at a clearly calculable fixed price. The price will be adjusted beforehand depending on the facing and category. The price is calculated from the number of categories and facings, or the number of floors and assembly details. However, we have developed our system so that you can get our service package for a low, flat, fixed price.

2. how is such a rebuild planned?

After personal discussions on site, we plan for you with the recorded data such as dimensions, color, etc., an offer, after verification, an order is provided with an installation date as agreed. On the agreed day, we will come to you with an appropriate team and will clear out your shelves, make appropriate modifications, and finally install the ordered systems. We plan in such a way that we restrict business operations as little as possible.

3. what is the process exactly?

After an appointment has been made and a quotation has been prepared, we will ask you to approve the order. We then work with our POS team to plan your individual order, including the delivery and installation date in your store. If this stands, we come punctually and reliably to the agreed upon date and install from, around and with automating POS TUNING systems. The last step after you are completely satisfied is called happy shopper! Because your customers also owe you the many advantages of our goods advances.

4. Am I bound to POS TUNING afterwards?

No, you continue to enjoy all the freedoms. However, we hope to be able to convince you with our products, so that we will continue to be your first contact for all point of sale solutions in the future.

5. is the price valid for one or more categories?

The price is valid only for one category, if you would like to equip more categories, we will send you an upgrading offer without further ado and will be happy to go through it with you.

6. Can I rearrange my shelf by myself after that?

This is also very easy to do with a short instruction. We will be happy to assist you by email or phone with any questions or make an appointment for guidance.

7. how long does a rebuild take?

This depends on the volume of the categories that are to be equipped. The amount of work involved in each category also plays a decisive role. However, we try to plan in your interest with the fastest possible conversion, where we can still perform our POS-T quality of assembly.

8. can I still change something during the conversion?

Additional facings can be added to the category to be equipped until shortly before delivery. Then we deliver individually to order, with a minimum buffer as a reserve material. Therefore, for example, a spontaneous expansion would be difficult, but we try to meet your wishes and needs at all times.

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