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Presentation solutions for Next Generation Products (NGP)

Next Generation Products -
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The problems of the
“Next Generation Products”
(NGP) category

  • Existing shelving systems are usually not expandable and occupied by classic cigarettes
  • Next Generation Products find no place on the shelf
  • A jungle of counter displays are the result
  • As a result, Next Generation Products are not perceived as a separate category
  • The risk of theft in the checkout area is high

Your advantages with
goods presentation solutions

  • You gain shelf space for your new NGPs
  • NGPs are perceived as their own category and perfectly staged
  • Store owners are ready to add more products to the assortment

Looking for more shelf space?

The presentation of tobacco products is often a challenge. Countless different types of tobacco and cigarettes are to be accommodated on a usually small, limited shelf space. In addition, there are the Next Generation Products. It is steamed, heated and chewed. Unfortunately, shelf space cannot simply be expanded or enlarged. POS TUNING has the solutions to help you present more tobacco products in the same space through smart systems.

Solutions on the subject of NGP

Liquid Caps

Liquid Caps

With the goods feed for Liquid Caps & Pods, they solve the problem that they are narrower than traditional cigarettes. The front clamping area between the front stop and the fabric feed is suitable for all pack depths at only 16 mm.


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Liquid vial

Liquid bottles

Tilt-proof front presentation of small liquid vials (with or without outer carton)


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Vapour Equipment

Vapour Equipment

E-cigarettes, vapor and starter kits can also be presented with our POS TUNING products.


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Oral tobacco doses

Oral tobacco

Whether honeycomb channel, rolling presenter or modular stacking channels, round oral tobacco tins have never been so easy to present in a chic and space-saving way.


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Learn more about the success stories from the tobacco category!

The experts at the point of sale

We are your worldwide partner when it comes to your tobacco shelf.
Whether king-size, big or slim packs, round oral tobacco cans or modern
E-cigarettes as cap or liquid system. Whether standing or
presentation – all products are optimally presented with POS TUNING.
set in scene. We also have the right answers to the
Problems of the future – changed legal framework conditions and
Reduction of available shelf space. Our long experience
in this market segment makes us your reliable specialist.

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