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Avoid retail theft

Stand out? For sure!

The theft-proof presentation solution

Do you know the problem: High-quality products in elabo­rate pack­a­ging are presen­ted in super­mar­kets, so well secu­red that custo­mers cannot reach them — and ther­e­fore cannot buy them. This leads to frus­tra­tion and, in the worst case, to purchase cancel­la­ti­ons. Howe­ver, even the less secure vari­ant does not achieve satis­fac­tory results. Here the products become easy prey and stolen.

The new system from POS TUNING is the solu­tion: POS‑T UDO SAFE — a theft-proof display. This is sure to make your products stand out!

With the push of a button or an app, the shop­per can receive the goods one by one, and the staff can also be infor­med of the removal via a light or sound signal/app.

The advantages of the POS-T UDO SAFE:

  • Auto­ma­tic output of indi­vi­dual products through elec­tro­nic push­feed tech­no­logy
  • Custo­mer-friendly theft protec­tion — perma­nent visi­bi­lity and avai­la­bi­lity
  • Enables smart shop­ping: Compa­ti­ble with self-check­outs and shop­ping apps
  • Easy and fast filling
  • Simple and fast instal­la­tion
  • Custo­mizable design
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