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Avoid retail theft

Stationary trade goes online!

The movement of goods becomes knowledge

Take advan­tage of the wealth of infor­ma­tion that the shelf provi­des you with. Very simple — with our push­feed system toge­ther with the sensor element Stock Beacon and the asso­cia­ted cloud appli­ca­tion from our part­ner neoalto. Our solu­ti­ons for trade and indus­try improve your service — with smart shel­ves and intel­li­gent data analy­sis.

Preventing shoplifting with the help of Smart Shelf

The Smart Shelf and our part­ner neoalto are not only bene­fi­cial in inven­tory manage­ment, but also offer signi­fi­cant bene­fits in theft preven­tion. Build on deter­rence, alar­ming and acti­va­tion with your sensor-control­led shel­ving system in preven­ting shop­lif­ting at the point of sale. As a deter­rent, you can play jingles or announce­ments when suspi­cious removals occur. Your Smart Shelf sends a live alert directly to your mobile device in the event of a suspi­cious removal, allo­wing secu­rity person­nel to respond imme­dia­tely. Theft is proven to be signi­fi­cantly redu­ced with the intel­li­gent shel­ving system.

Theft prevention

Don’t give thie­ves a chance! POS TUNING and neoalto offer you the perfect combi­na­tion of theft preven­tion system and an attrac­tive brand and product presen­ta­tion. Base theft preven­tion at the POS on the three pillars for maxi­mum success: deter­rence, alarm and acti­va­tion.


Your benefit

  • Deter­rence: Take away the anony­mity of thie­ves and auto­ma­ti­cally play jingles or announce­ments in the event of suspi­cious theft. Draw atten­tion to what is happe­ning – and place your adver­ti­sing message at the same time
  • Aler­ting: Receive live alerts via the neoalto Retail Service Cloud. Tail­o­red to suspi­cious with­dra­wal quan­ti­ties and for all mobile devices
  • Acti­va­tion: Acti­vate your secu­rity person­nel via instant message. Inclu­ding snapshot from your surveil­lance camera

Stand out? For sure!

The theft-proof presentation solution

Do you know the problem: High-quality products in elabo­rate pack­a­ging are presen­ted in super­mar­kets, so well secu­red that custo­mers cannot reach them — and ther­e­fore cannot buy them. This leads to frus­tra­tion and, in the worst case, to purchase cancel­la­ti­ons. Howe­ver, even the less secure vari­ant does not achieve satis­fac­tory results. Here the products become easy prey and stolen.

The new system from POS TUNING is the solu­tion: POS‑T UDO SAFE — a theft-proof display. This is sure to make your products stand out!

With the push of a button or an app, the shop­per can receive the goods one by one, and the staff can also be infor­med of the removal via a light or sound signal/app.

The advantages of the POS-T UDO SAFE:

  • Auto­ma­tic output of indi­vi­dual products through elec­tro­nic push­feed tech­no­logy
  • Custo­mer-friendly theft protec­tion — perma­nent visi­bi­lity and avai­la­bi­lity
  • Enables smart shop­ping: Compa­ti­ble with self-check­outs and shop­ping apps
  • Easy and fast filling
  • Simple and fast instal­la­tion
  • Custo­mizable design

Audio system for POS

The intelligent theft solution

Self-service in retail has become a matter of course. But if this concept is taken lite­rally by custo­mers, vendors, service provi­ders and staff alike, it can lead to enorm­ous losses. The result is a glaring drop in sales.

The solu­tion from neoalto and Axis provi­des effec­tive theft preven­tion. By combi­ning audio signals, sensory measu­re­ment soft­ware and POS TUNING’s proven push­feed systems, you can reduce theft situa­tions, shop­lif­ting, robbe­ries and fraud by play­ing targe­ted audio announce­ments and warnings. If, for exam­ple, an unusual quan­tity of products is detec­ted, the would-be thief can be brought out of his anony­mity with audio signals. Other custo­mers and staff become aware — the would-be thief feels caught and lets go of the goods.

Howe­ver, messa­ges with adver­ti­sing impact can also be direc­ted to the custo­mer in a targe­ted manner by means of audi­tio­ning. Not only avoid theft, but also increase your sales.

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Benefit from the many advantages:

  • Excel­lent audio quality
  • Fully digi­tal and controll­able locally or remo­tely
  • Analy­sis func­tions
    • Better protec­tion of people and assets
    • Effi­ci­ent design of opera­tio­nal proces­ses
  • Inte­gra­tion of the audio system with other systems, such as video manage­ment soft­ware (VMS), with Voice over IP (VoIP) tele­phony via SIP
  • All-in-one network spea­k­ers:
    • No addi­tio­nal hard­ware or soft­ware requi­red
    • Space-saving
    • Use a single system usable for diffe­rent tasks, e.g. announce­ments, paging employees, back­ground music
  • Crea­ting audio zones:
    • Create effi­ci­ent announce­ments and appro­priate back­ground music for your custo­mers — in any part of the store — at any time
  • Network Audio Solu­ti­ons:
    • Wire­less audio connec­tion to the network
    • Can be combi­ned into a flexi­ble and scalable system
    • Zones, content and sche­du­les easily edita­ble

Our partner for sensors and software:

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