Goods presentation for shisha tobacco – this is how you put your products in the limelight

Other ranges & legal changes

Innovations in product lines or entire changes in the law affect not only the brands and production , but also the presentation of goods and sales . These changes make it essential to choose new presentation solutions and to strengthen perception at the POS.

New hookah tobacco packaging sizes - new presentation solutions

The tobacco market has just been made a new regulation. From 2023 there will no longer be large packages of shisha tobacco available for purchase in free trade. The sales standard will be 25g packs , which then correspond to the filling capacity of a shisha bowl. In addition, water pipe tobacco and everything to do with e-cigarettes and the like are (more) taxed and can therefore no longer be sold without the well-known tax stamp.

The new Tobacco Tax Ordinance from July 1st, 2022 at a glance

Not only the tobacco tax will be gradually increased, but also the maximum amount of tobacco available. Because from July 1st, 2022, the new Tobacco Tax Ordinance will take effect. Shisha tobacco may then only be sold in 25g packs . For manufacturers, this means that in the near future it will no longer be possible to produce 1kg buckets or 200g cans, only pack sizes of 25g will then be permitted. However, until December 31st, 2022 there is a sell-off period for products that were manufactured before July 1st, 2022.

Federal government bill

With the planned tobacco tax reform, the federal government wants to tax e-cigarettes and tobacco heaters higher from this year on. Substances containing nicotine for use in e-cigarettes should in future be subject to tobacco tax instead of sales tax. An additional tax will be introduced for heated tobacco, so that in future it will be taxed like cigarettes. An annual tobacco tax increase is planned for conventional cigarettes and fine-cut cigarettes over a period of five years, starting in 2022.

Attractive product presentation in the tobacco area

The limited shelf space in retail is a real challenge for an attractive tobacco presentation. Now there are also changed pack sizes for shisha tobacco. Impressing customers with an attractive product presentation is becoming increasingly important. Creativity and effectiveness are required here. Our shelving systems are characterized by both properties and are therefore ideally suited to present your products perfectly. Our goods pusher systems ensure a permanent front presentation of the shisha tobacco. The duplex pusher ensures optimal use of space, even with small shelves and small sales areas.

Use shisha shelves effectively - from round to square

Anything is possible, from square to round. There are no limits to your imagination here. We would be happy to develop an individual solution for your products together with you. For example, round cans of shisha tobacco can be optimally presented with our POS systems.

Solutions on the subject of hookah tobacco

Our shisha presentation solutions can be used in a variety of ways for all kinds of shisha tobacco products – no matter what size, texture, quantity, round or square. Here you get to some catalog or sub-pages of possible solutions:

Compartment divider
Shelf arrangement

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POS-T Compartment C90
Universal push feed system

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Product chutes
Shelf organization for small products

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System solutions
Shop fitting

Here you will find, among other things, solutions for inventory management, counter and shelf components, lighting and orientation aids.


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Front Rails
Secure hold for your products on the shelf

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POS-T modular system
The modular system for push feed systems

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New shisha packaging sizes have far-reaching consequences for trade and the environment

The consequences for the trade - tobacco shelves & product presentation

For the trade and special shisha shops it means that new sales displays and new shelf solutions are needed. Due to the ban on advertising in Germany, high visibility and attractive positioning at the point of sale are essential.

POS TUNING is the innovation and market leader in the field of product presentation and therefore the best contact when it comes to optimal visibility on the tobacco shelf and feed systems for the new shisha tobacco packaging sizes.

Eight times as much packaging waste at Shisha Tabak

The 25g regulation has its consequences. For the environment, it means further exposure to even more packaging waste. In addition, the shisha tobacco will also increase in price, because this packaging material is an additional cost in production. In production, entire production lines have to be rebuilt or built in order to produce the new packaging and fill the tobacco. In addition, the transport costs also increase, as the 25g cans take up significantly more space than the previous 200g cans.

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