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The logistics helper for your online trade

The pick and push system

The logistics helper in your operation of the future

Picking goods: A time-consum­ing and labor-inten­sive acti­vity that in most cases has to be perfor­med by employees in the back­ground.

Whereas shop­pers used to go shop­ping at Aunt Emma’s, today they want to fill their shop­ping carts “24/7” from their sofas. To enable this service, there are now various storage systems. But the fully auto­ma­ted sepa­ra­tion of goods is still a chall­enge.

POS TUNING has deve­lo­ped the POS‑T UDO PICK, a unique system that enables the quick and easy sepa­ra­tion of goods. Taking into account time savings and effec­ti­ve­ness, the POS‑T UDO PICK can be used with almost any product cate­gory and pack­a­ging.

This saves not only time but also effort and costs.

The advantages of the POS-T UDO pick:

  • Auto­ma­tic product removal through elec­tro­nic feed tech­no­logy
  • Picking of single packa­ges — Sepa­ra­tion of goods units
  • Proven system tray order
  • Easier and faster filling of “ToGo boxes
  • Short picking times — little time requi­red
  • Suita­ble for almost all products

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