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Multilevel solutions

Multiple floors in one solution

Multilevel solutions for the POS

The range of products conti­nues to grow. There is one problem with this — the unchan­ging shelf. With the intel­li­gent multi-level solu­ti­ons from POS TUNING, you create addi­tio­nal storage spaces for more assort­ment variety with the same shelf space.

Solutions for more shelf space

POS‑T Duplex

POS‑T Duplex

Doubling of facings with the same shelf space with the help of the POS‑T Duplex Pusher

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POS‑T Duplex XL

POS‑T Duplex XL

100% atten­tion for your brand, better over­view and order of the products and over 50% more shelf space — that’s the POS‑T Duplex XL Pusher.

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POS‑T Double Tray System

POS‑T Double Tray System

For bars that should also look good in boxes.

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POS‑T Stacking channels

POS‑T stack­ing chan­nels

Modu­lar stack­ing chan­nels are the perfect solu­tion for all round products. They can be presen­ted lying and stan­ding.


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POS‑T Honeycomb channels

POS‑T honey­comb chan­nels

Round oral tobacco tins were not yet so easy to present chic and space-saving.


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POS‑T Double stack presenter

POS‑T double stack presen­ter for
coni­cal ice cream cups

Very cool to make more sales.

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The advantages of the POS-T Duplex Pusher:

  • Double or triple your product storage space in exis­ting rack­ing
  • More product range diver­sity on the same shelf space
  • Up to 70 % more products can be placed with a redu­ced number of shel­ves
  • Quick and easy instal­la­tion with paten­ted “one-click” instal­la­tion
  • Deli­very of custo­mi­zed and pre-instal­led sets possi­ble
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POS TUNING_Duplex-Pusher
Double Tray System Riegel POS TUNING

The advantages of the POS-T Double Tray System:

  • opti­mi­zed use of space through stacked presen­ta­tion
  • more varie­ties possi­ble in a small space
  • Increased sales through opti­mal shop­per orien­ta­tion and better product acces­si­bi­lity
  • less shelf main­ten­ance
  • can be used for other product groups
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Why you should use the POS‑T Bar presentation need:

  • simple plug-in system
  • Flexi­bly adap­ta­ble to product width
  • opti­mal presen­ta­tion of goods
  • Saving addi­tio­nal floors
  • fast and tool-free assem­bly


Available as “Set 1000 mm” for 14 different trays

or “Set 1250 mm” for 18 different trays.

The advantages of POS-T double stack presenter:

  • Opti­cal high­light
  • Perfect brand struc­tu­ring
  • Better variety diffe­ren­tia­tion
  • Perma­nent front presen­ta­tion
  • Easy removal
  • Better visi­bi­lity
  • Easy instal­la­tion on all stan­dard TC wire shel­ves
  • Stem protec­tion for brands
  • Robust and can be produ­ced in any color
  • Commu­ni­ca­tion areas
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