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With us your brands are perfectly staged!

POS TUNING is the recipe for success for your products

Stage your brand!

At the point of sale, the shop­per finds count­less brands. How do you succeed in keeping your brand in focus and getting shop­pers to buy it? Use the solu­ti­ons of POS TUNING and rely on more than 20 years of expe­ri­ence. We are the specia­list for the opti­mal presen­ta­tion of goods at the point of sale. Whether it’s merchan­dise feed systems, displays crea­ted indi­vi­du­ally for you, or other solu­ti­ons to high­light your brand on the shelf — POS TUNING is the recipe for your success at the point of sale.

Your brand — your success

They want to be No. 1 — both for retail­ers and shop­pers. When choo­sing products, there should be no doubt that your brand is at the fore­front. POS TUNING is your compe­tent part­ner for perfect product place­ment at the point of sale. Toge­ther we convince retail­ers with inno­va­tive solu­ti­ons — because your brand deser­ves the best place­ment!

Make promotions successful with intelligent secondary placements (PromoPOS)

Make promo­ti­ons successful with intel­li­gent secon­dary place­ments (Promo­POS)

Increase the atten­tion of your products in retail with secon­dary place­ments incl. Goods feeding system, gondola head place­ment with crow­ner or flag and many more.


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Secure placement

Secure place­ment

Every brand wants to get as much shelf space as possi­ble on the retailer’s shel­ves. But space is at a premium. Ensure opti­mal place­ment in retail with POS TUNING’s intel­li­gent solu­ti­ons.


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Take advantage of the opportunities of digital market research at the shelf

market rese­arch

What does a docto­rate bring? Which part of the shelf is acces­sed most frequently by the shop­per? Measure this and much more easily with the inno­va­tive solu­tion from our part­ner neoalto and get valuable insights about your brand.


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Expand market share

Expand market share

Your shop­pers want to be inspi­red. New varie­ties increase loyalty and create new users. With our solu­ti­ons you create addi­tio­nal space on exis­ting area, so that your line exten­si­ons will be a success


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Making new product launches successful

Making new product laun­ches successful

The deve­lo­p­ment of new products is costly. With the right POS tools for your new product launch, you signi­fi­cantly increase your chan­ces of lasting success.


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Perception of your brand at the point of sale

Percep­tion of your brand at the point of sale

What is not seen is not bought. That’s why your product belongs in the best view­ing and grip area at the point of sale — in pole posi­tion, so to speak.

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Create orientation

Create orien­ta­tion

How can we offer the shop­per more orien­ta­tion at the POS? Here you will learn tips & tricks on how to do this with simple tools. Whether it’s merchan­dise feed systems, product and segment signs, or opti­mal illu­mi­na­tion — POS TUNING has the right solu­tion for your needs.


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Ensure perfect availability of goods

Ensure perfect avai­la­bi­lity of goods

Offe­ring the shop­per the desi­red product in the right quan­tity, at the right time and in the right place — that is the common goal. Be sure that you can offer your shop­pers the avai­la­bi­lity of goods. Inven­tory manage­ment is child’s play for you with the inno­va­tive solu­tion from our part­ner neoalto.


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Activate shopper

Acti­vate shop­per

Invite your shop­pers to browse and make them curious about your brand.


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Then take a look at our PDF down­load area on the subject of brands!

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The right material feed system for every product

Discover our category solutions

Non alcoholic drinks

Refres­hing solu­ti­ons for more success with non-alco­ho­lic bever­a­ges.


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Alcoholic beverages

How to make the best presen­ta­tion of your alco­ho­lic bever­a­ges.


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True beauty comes through shelf orga­niza­tion systems. Let your shelf shine.


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Sausage, cheese, conve­ni­ence and more. become real eye-catchers with our solu­ti­ons.


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Get the impulse cate­gory confec­tion­ery going — increase your sales with an opti­mal product presen­ta­tion


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Put empha­sis on the perfect presen­ta­tion of your tobacco products — it’s worth it.


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Deep freeze

Icy times for untidy free­zer depart­ments. Go for order and visi­bi­lity with your frozen products.


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Push your sales

Success Stories

are written with POS TUNING.

The use of the POS‑T merchan­dise feed system with simul­ta­neous conver­sion of the choco­late bars from land­scape to portrait format led to impres­sive results for Mond­e­lez in India:


Increase in sales during the test period


Space gain on the shelf


Perma­nent visi­bi­lity and tangi­bi­lity

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