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Inventory management with the smart shelf

Stationary trade goes online!

The movement of goods becomes knowledge

Take advan­tage of the wealth of infor­ma­tion that the shelf provi­des you with. Very simple — with our goods pusher system toge­ther with the sensor element Stock Beacon and the asso­cia­ted cloud appli­ca­tion from our part­ner neoalto. Our solu­ti­ons for trade and indus­try improve your service — with smart shel­ves and intel­li­gent data analy­sis. This way you can easily opti­mize inven­tory manage­ment and opti­mal assort­ment plan­ning!

Digitalisierung Regale am POS - POS TUNING

The intel­li­gent neoalto Stock Beacon , a small device that is placed on the back of the POS‑T Push­feed , uses the latest laser tech­no­logy to measure stock levels on the shelf and reports this to the neoalto Retail Service Cloud in real time. The cloud is acces­si­ble to the user via digi­tal devices and even allows orders to be placed auto­ma­ti­cally.

The neoalto Retail Service Cloud ensures:

  • Increase of goods avai­la­bi­lity → more sales
  • Reduc­tion of mark­downs → more yield
  • Reduc­tion of person­nel expen­ses lower costs
  • Digi­tal inter­ac­tion with the shop­per → addi­tio­nal compound sales

Inventory management through data analysis

Offe­ring the shop­per the desi­red product in the right quan­tity, at the right time and in the right place — that is the common goal. Be sure that you can offer your shop­pers the avai­la­bi­lity of goods. Inven­tory manage­ment is child’s play for you with the inno­va­tive solu­tion from our part­ner neoalto.

Use your resources efficiently:

The online inven­tory manage­ment has the addi­tio­nal advan­tage that the field service for shel­ves that are filled directly by the indus­trial part­ner can be plan­ned in a targe­ted manner — speci­fi­cally where goods are really miss­ing. In the neoalto Retail Service Cloud, the stocks for each POS can be called up and so you as a bran­ded company are always well infor­med where there is a need.


Your benefit

  • Perfect over­view of the stocks on the shelf — always in real time
  • Better product avai­la­bi­lity
  • Auto­ma­tic orde­ring of goods
  • Less effort
  • Targe­ted field service plan­ning
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Let your Smart Shelf order for you !

Avoid low-in-stock? We have the solu­tion!

The networked smart shelf solution with integrated weighing technology

Your custo­mer is once again stan­ding in front of an empty baking shelf? In the rush hour there is only cake? And the prices are no longer current?

This then plea­ses not only the custo­mers! The smart tech­no­logy will also put a smile on your face.

All these problems can be solved quickly and easily with a new solu­tion from neoalto and Bizerba.

How to do it? With smart tech­no­logy! The analy­sis soft­ware from neoalto and the weig­hing tech­no­logy from Bizerba turn every baking shelf into a smart baking station. This way, stocks can be moni­to­red conti­nuously, low-in-stock situa­tions can be relia­bly avoided, and stock reports can be sent to the right place or the right person at the right time.

Unique features that make shopping smart:

  • Manage your racks easily and safely from the back office thanks to inte­gra­ted weig­hing tech­no­logy. Auto­mate your proces­ses and increase your sales at the same time. Anti­ci­pate low-in-stock situa­tions in time and reple­nish produc­tion as needed.
  • Through dyna­mic price adjus­t­ments and targe­ted promo­ti­ons, you not only reduce your food waste, but also boost your sales at the same time, thus incre­asing your turno­ver.
  • Improve your image through Waste Reduc­tion adver­ti­sing campaigns to attract even more custo­mers
  • Use the cloud solu­tion with intel­li­gent algo­rithms to opti­mally match your assort­ment and post-produc­tion to custo­mer demand and current inven­tory.
  • Save person­nel for manual invent­ories and time-consum­ing analy­ses regar­ding price adjus­t­ments and adver­ti­sing measu­res.

Benefit from the many advantages:

  • Conti­nuous moni­to­ring of your inven­tory:
    Display indi­vi­dual fill levels, flexi­bly confi­gura­ble number of racks, tiers and chutes, defi­ni­tion of thres­hold values for auto­ma­ted price adjus­t­ments and low-in-stock messa­ges
  • Avoid low-in-stock situa­tions:
    Auto­ma­ted low-in-stock messa­ges when a defi­ned thres­hold value is not reached, message to various end devices possi­ble, optio­nal cloud inte­gra­tion inclu­ding arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence to deter­mine the opti­mum produc­tion quan­ti­ties
  • Reduce food waste:
    Auto­ma­tic checking of fill levels at a defi­ned point in time, dyna­mic price adjus­t­ment and adver­ti­sing measu­res accor­ding to fill levels, increase sales promo­ti­ons — increase turno­ver — reduce food waste

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