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Inventory management with the smart shelf

Stationary trade goes online!

The movement of goods becomes knowledge

Take advantage of the wealth of information that the shelf provides you with. Very simple - with our goods pusher system together with the sensor element Stock Beacon and the associated cloud application from our partner neoalto. Our solutions for trade and industry improve your service - with smart shelves and intelligent data analysis. This way you can easily optimize inventory management and optimal assortment planning!

Digitalisierung Regale am POS - POS TUNING

The intelligent neoalto Stock Beacon , a small device that is placed on the back of the POS-T Pushfeed , uses the latest laser technology to measure stock levels on the shelf and reports this to the neoalto Retail Service Cloud in real time. The cloud is accessible to the user via digital devices and even allows orders to be placed automatically.

The neoalto Retail Service Cloud ensures:

  • Increase of goods availability → more sales
  • Reduction of markdowns → more yield
  • Reduction of personnel expenses lower costs
  • Digital interaction with the shopper → additional compound sales

Inventory management through data analysis

Offering the shopper the desired product in the right quantity, at the right time and in the right place – that is the common goal. Be sure that you can offer your shoppers the availability of goods. Inventory management is child’s play for you with the innovative solution from our partner neoalto.

Use your resources efficiently:

The online inventory management has the additional advantage that the field service for shelves that are filled directly by the industrial partner can be planned in a targeted manner – specifically where goods are really missing. In the neoalto Retail Service Cloud, the stocks for each POS can be called up and so you as a branded company are always well informed where there is a need.


Your benefit

  • Perfect overview of the stocks on the shelf – always in real time
  • Better product availability
  • Automatic ordering of goods
  • Less effort
  • Targeted field service planning
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Let your Smart Shelf order for you !

Avoid low-in-stock? We have the solution!

The networked smart shelf solution with integrated weighing technology

Your customer is once again standing in front of an empty baking shelf? In the rush hour there is only cake? And the prices are no longer current?

This then pleases not only the customers! The smart technology will also put a smile on your face.

All these problems can be solved quickly and easily with a new solution from neoalto and Bizerba.

How to do it? With smart technology! The analysis software from neoalto and the weighing technology from Bizerba turn every baking shelf into a smart baking station. This way, stocks can be monitored continuously, low-in-stock situations can be reliably avoided, and stock reports can be sent to the right place or the right person at the right time.

Unique features that make shopping smart:

  • Manage your racks easily and safely from the back office thanks to integrated weighing technology. Automate your processes and increase your sales at the same time. Anticipate low-in-stock situations in time and replenish production as needed.
  • Through dynamic price adjustments and targeted promotions, you not only reduce your food waste, but also boost your sales at the same time, thus increasing your turnover.
  • Improve your image through Waste Reduction advertising campaigns to attract even more customers
  • Use the cloud solution with intelligent algorithms to optimally match your assortment and post-production to customer demand and current inventory.
  • Save personnel for manual inventories and time-consuming analyses regarding price adjustments and advertising measures.

Benefit from the many advantages:

  • Continuous monitoring of your inventory:
    Display individual fill levels, flexibly configurable number of racks, tiers and chutes, definition of threshold values for automated price adjustments and low-in-stock messages
  • Avoid low-in-stock situations:
    Automated low-in-stock messages when a defined threshold value is not reached, message to various end devices possible, optional cloud integration including artificial intelligence to determine the optimum production quantities
  • Reduce food waste:
    Automatic checking of fill levels at a defined point in time, dynamic price adjustment and advertising measures according to fill levels, increase sales promotions – increase turnover – reduce food waste

Our partner for sensors and software:

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