Boost your sales with the POS-T lift systems

Stop the chaos in your freezers

From the grab box to the impulse purchase generator

Especially in the frozen food sector, well-filled shelves and freezers as well as tidy, clean and shopper-friendly placement are the key factors for success.

With the lift system specially developed for use in freezers, chaotic freezers are a thing of the past. Transform your freezer from a "grab box" into an impulse purchase generator! POS-T lift systems bring your products into the optimal view and reach area of your shoppers in a barrier-free and sales-promoting manner for all conceivable product categories available in your freezers.

The perfect lift system for every product

The POS-T lift systems are available in different versions – the right lift for every product …

POS-T pizza lift

POS-T herbs lift

POS-T bagged goods lift

POS-T ice cream lift

pos tuning pos-t pizzalift

Your benefits

  • Better accessibility of the goods for all customer groups (seniors, children etc.)
  • Perfect, uniform overview of the goods – Increase in the impulse buy rate
  • Optimum product pressure even with reduced stock levels
  • Reduction of stocked goods to the necessary level reduces spoilage and reductions
  • Low complexity with only one component – set up, fill – finished

Product video

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