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Well organized thanks to the POS compartment dividers for shelves

Compartment dividers for shelves in various designs

Now you may be wondering which compartment dividers you need for your shelves. With us you have the opportunity to select and design the compartment dividers according to the requirements of your sales or storage area. Whether transparent or colored, with or without a goods stopper and, on request, with a built-in breaking point – the range at POS Tuning leaves almost nothing to be desired in terms of shelf structure. Another advantage that our compartment dividers bring, in addition to the neatly arranged goods, is that you can see immediately when a product is sold out and needs to be replenished. The shelf dividers are usually attached using fleece adhesive tape. You can also discuss with one of our experts which compartment dividers are best for your shelves. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email at any time. Our service staff will be happy to advise you on possible forms of shelf organization and work with you to find the perfect compartment divider for your shelf. Order your preferred model today and ensure that your sales areas are organized and manageable tomorrow!

Compartment dividers for shelves and many other items for perfect order

In addition to the practical compartment dividers for shelves, you will find many other products that enable customer-friendly organization of your products. Browse through our range in peace and let yourself be inspired by the large selection. Even the tidiest company can still find potential for improvement! Our goods feed systems, for example, keep the shelf front tidy. With this system you achieve 100 percent visibility of your products from the first to the last article and an attractive product presentation is always guaranteed. Clearly filled chests and clean placement are essential success factors not only in normal store shelves, but also in the TK area in particular. Here we have special inserts for freezers for you, which effectively counteract the chaos in the freezer. The POS-T goods lift system brings your products barrier-free and sales-promoting in the best view and reach! You can find more on the topics of sliding systems, shelving and shop fitting or hygiene on our website.

Our main location in Bad Salzuflen

And everything ... MADE IN GERMANY

We are a family company with around 190 employees. Both the administration and the entire production are located at our main location in Bad Salzuflen in Germany. All of our products are manufactured here on site. There are further POS TUNING branches and sales offices in Spain, France, Great Britain and Turkey. We work closely with our strategic sales partners around the world.

made in germany

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