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With perfect order you impress your shoppers. Use the solutions of POS TUNING - from compartment dividers to front risers to merchandise displays. We have the right solution for you. Are you looking for scanning rails? Excellent - we also offer these for different shelve types.
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The right system components for every need

Shelf arrangement

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Scanning rails
Price labeling with quality

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Front risers
Secure grip for your goods on the shelf

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Merchandise display
Regalordnung für Kleinstprodukte

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More than just a plastic separator

POS-T Divider

Article availability from the “shopper’s” point of view is a decisive factor for success at the point of sale. Often the problem is not the lack of products but the placement, i.e. the structuring and identification of the key products and information in broad and non-transparent displays.
POS-T dividers create clear structures and help “shoppers” to find their way around. This decreases search and find times and measurably increases the rate of impulse buys.

Depending on the product and application, we offer dividers in 35, 60, 100 or 120 mm in height and from 80 to 580 mm in length. Furthermore, POS-T dividers are not just simple “plastic dividers”, but a system with multiple intelligent detailed solutions…

  • … shelf dividers with special front connectors – the perfect divider for every shelf type
  • … colourful dividers help orientate shoppers
  • … illuminated dividers emphasise the main products on the shelf and brand or display-specific segment dividers give structure to your displays
  • … vario dividers with predetermined breaking points at the back can be adjusted on site to the corresponding shelf depth

And this is only a short glimpse into the available products from the POS-T divider range. Further variants are available on request.

POs-T Fachteiler

Your benefits

  • Quality from a market leader – POS-T dividers made of polycarbonate are both sturdy and shatterproof
  • The perfect pair – POS-T dividers with POS-T pushfeeds
  • Bring an overview and order to your shelves
  • Optimal orientation for the customer, greatly reduced shelf maintenance
  • Simple assembly with only one click on all shelves

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Securely on the shelf!

POS-T front risers

With the new POS-T front riser for U-profiles, items are held securely in their shelves during stocking and pulling forward, and the retrieval of goods is particularly customer-friendly.

The innovative manufacturing process “made by POS TUNING” in Ostwestfalen-Lippe has many advantages over comparable products. Clean, rounded edges and fully transparent materials enable the secure retrieval and an unobstructed view of products. In addition, the new POS-T front risers are particularly affordable.

POS-T Frontscheiben

Your benefits

  • Secure hold of the products when stocktaking or pulling forward
  • Particularly customer-friendly product removal from the shelf
  • Best “made in Germany” quality and affordable price
  • 65 mm universal front riser, can be fitted in all U-profiles
  • All customary lengths available
  • More shatterproof than conventional acrylic and glass front risers
  • Reduction in fingerprints and other smudges as the front risers are manufactured in polycarbonate
  • Rounded edges – no risk of customers cutting themselves, gentle on packaging

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POS-T scanning rails

Do you want to display your products at the POS at any time in a promotionally effective manner? With the POS-T scanning rails, you can display price labelling, advertising and secure regular space on the shelf.

Whether for glass, metal or wire shelves, the POST scanning rails are available for all commercially sold shelves in different lengths and offer additional fastening elements for your POST shelf management and pushfeed systems. For the radiant appearance of your products, the scanning rails are also available with integrated shelf lighting. Whether it’s a Tego installation or wire shelf fixing – we offer the right rails for all shelf types.

POS TUNING Scanningschienen

Your benefits

  • High-quality scanning rails in various designs for clear product labelling and advertising
  • Bright product presentation through optional integrated shelf lighting

Order in the smallest of spaces

POS-T merchandise display

POS-T merchandise displays made of high-quality acrylic are the perfect dispensers for small goods or products without packaging, such as travel-sized cosmetics, give-aways, individually packaged sweets and weighted goods.

Whether for use on counters, at the checkout area or on the sales shelf – POS-T merchandise displays tempt the customer to touch them directly. The transparent boxes make the goods clearly visible and encourage shoppers to buy the goods within. The POS-T merchandise displays are available in different sizes, stackable and with individual printing.

POS Lösung Schütte

Your benefits

  • Providing order for even the smallest products ensures increased sales and optimal presentation
  • Better clarity and easier orientation

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