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Stationary trade goes online!

The movement of goods becomes knowledge

Take advantage of the wealth of information that the shelf provides you with. Very simple - with our goods pusher system together with the sensor element Stock Beacon and the associated cloud application from our partner neoalto. Our solutions for trade and industry improve your service - with smart shelves and intelligent data analysis.

Digitalisierung Regale am POS - POS TUNING

The intelligent neoalto Stock Beacon , a small device that is placed on the back of the POS-T goods pusher , uses the latest laser technology to measure stock levels on the shelf and reports this to the neoalto Retail Service Cloud in real time. The cloud is accessible to the user via digital devices and even allows orders to be placed automatically.

The neoalto Retail Service Cloud ensures:

  • Increasing the availability of goods → more paragraph
  • Reduction of transcripts → more yield
  • Reduction of personnel expenses → cost less
  • Digital interaction with the shopper → additional composite heels


inventory management

Offering the shopper the desired product in the right quantity, at the right time and in the right place – that is the common goal. Be sure that you can offer your shoppers the availability of goods. Inventory management is child’s play for you with the innovative solution from our partner neoalto.

Use your resources efficiently:

The online inventory management has the additional advantage that the field service for shelves that are filled directly by the industrial partner can be planned in a targeted manner – specifically where goods are really missing. In the neoalto Retail Service Cloud, the stocks for each POS can be called up and so you as a branded company are always well informed where there is a need.

Your benefit


  • Perfect overview of the stocks on the shelf – always in real time
  • Better product availability
  • Automatic ordering of goods
  • Less effort
  • Targeted field service planning


theft prevention

Don’t give thieves a chance! POS TUNING and neoalto offer you the perfect combination of theft prevention system and an attractive brand and product presentation. Base theft prevention at the POS on the three pillars for maximum success: deterrence, alarm and activation.


Your benefit


  • Deterrence: Take away the anonymity of thieves and automatically play jingles or announcements in the event of suspicious theft. Draw attention to what is happening – and place your advertising message at the same time
  • Alerting: Receive live alerts via the neoalto Retail Service Cloud. Tailored to suspicious withdrawal quantities and for all mobile devices
  • Activation: Activate your security personnel via instant message. Including snapshot from your surveillance camera


market research

What does a promotion on the shelf bring? Which part of the shelf is accessed most frequently by the shopper? How well is the promotion going and in which region is the new product selling best? You receive valuable insights into your brand, shopper behavior and your marketing activities at the point of sale.

Your benefit


  • Key insights into the impact of different placements
  • Better and easier evaluation of departures
  • Independent of checkout data – information straight from the shelf


shopper interaction

Activate your shoppers! For example, when you pick your product from the shelf, play a suitable video on the screen with a recipe recommendation or other suitable brands from your portfolio. Or send the shopper a coupon on their smartphone while they are near your product.

Frau am Regal

Your benefit


  • Targeted shopper activation matching your product
  • Different promotions possible for different products
  • Send coupons directly to the customer’s smartphone


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