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Happy Birthday — Happy POS TUNING!

25 years POS TUNING

This year we cele­brate our 25th birth­day. To mark the occa­sion, we have produ­ced an anni­ver­sary supple­ment in coope­ra­tion with the “Lippi­sche Landes-Zeitung” (a regio­nal news­pa­per in Germany), in which we take a look at the history of our company and venture a glim­pse into the future.

Provi­ded with exci­ting facts, back­ground reports and some employee portraits, this supple­ment invi­tes you to browse through it. What do long-time custo­mers say about our products? How will the point of sale present itself in a few years? All this and much more can be disco­vered on 32 pages.

We hope you enjoy reading it.

Press cont­act:
Maren Brett­meier
+49 5222 36965–646
+49 172 1338139