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POS TUNING celebrates anniversary

On March 10, 1998 Udo Voßhenrich founded the company POS TUNING Udo Voßhenrich GmbH & Co KG. A few days after the foundation, he applied for the European patent for a tray with fabric feed.
This was the beginning of a long journey….

What reads like the beginning of a fairy tale here is the start of a company that consisted of one person at the beginning and now employs over 230 people. In 25 years, POS TUNING has developed into one of the world’s leading specialists for product presentation. This unique success story is due to the fact that company founder Udo Voßhenrich was convinced from the very beginning that he had developed an innovative, revolutionary product. And this particular development, the system tray, was to significantly change product presentation at the point of sale. In the following years, however, it was not only the shelf appearance that was optimized. The presentation of tobacco products also underwent a transformation. Sloped shelves became glass shelves, which required less slope and therefore took up less space. Thanks to the product feed systems, the products could always be presented at the front, even without an angled shelf. This innovation was groundbreaking and developed with sheer explosive momentum in the tobacco segment.

Prizes and awards followed for countless product developments and ideas. In the meantime, POS TUNING is more than just a specialist for product presentation. Rather, the company is also a thought leader and process optimizer. Effectively linking the future of industry, logistics and retail is considered one of the challenges that POS TUNING wants to address.