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How can I create promotional placements with POS T.REX?


Each POS T.REXmodule is equip­ped with digi­tal sensor tech­no­logy. Thus, each shelf module also beco­mes a source of infor­ma­tion for manu­fac­tu­r­ers, retail­ers and also custo­mers. Displays in secon­dary place­ment make indi­vi­dua­li­zed adver­ti­sing possi­ble.


Promotional placement with the POS T.REX Multiway Product Carrier


Inte­gra­ted sensor tech­no­logy turns your secon­dary place­ment into a digi­tal adver­ti­sing space that auto­ma­ti­cally plays the right campaign at the point of sale to match the product.


The secon­dary place­ment can be easily exch­an­ged at any time, either manu­ally or fully auto­ma­ted.


Whether conven­tio­nal with a card­board sleeve or as a fully auto­ma­ted multi­me­dia hot spot — POS T.REX secon­dary place­ments imme­dia­tely catch the eye.

Promotional placement with the POS T.REX Multiway Product Carrier

POS T.REX connects proces­ses and sets new stan­dards. From indus­try, to retail, to the point of sale or point of consump­tion, to the consu­mer. This is what makes POS T.REX so special.

POS T.REX is the solu­tion for picking, trans­port­ing, placing and presen­ting goods.

A Product Carrier that covers all requi­re­ments while saving time, costs, waste and energy.

That is revo­lu­tio­nary.


What is the vision of POS T.REX?

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