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How can I optimize industrial processes with POS T.REX?


With POS T.REX you set a standard for the automation of production and logistics processes. They avoid transport packaging. They protect your goods in transit. You deliver your goods ready for presentation and consumption. They help your customers to save costs and time.


Production with the POS T.REX Multiway Product Carrier

POS T.REX sets a new standard for industry, logistics and retail. POS T.REX is the Multiway Product Carrier for your goods – from the manufacturer to the consumer. The standardized and digitized goods carrier helps automate processes at every stage of the value chain. This saves time, money, manpower and protects the environment. With POS T.REX all actors speak the same language. With POS T.REX you become part of the “Retail Revolution”

Saves time


Increases the profit

Protects the environment

POS T.REX is versatile

POS T.REX connects processes and sets new standards. From industry, to retail, to the point of sale or point of consumption, to the consumer. This is what makes POS T.REX so special.

POS T.REX is the solution for picking, transporting, placing and presenting goods.

A Product Carrier that covers all requirements while saving time, costs, waste and energy.

That is revolutionary.


What is the vision of POS T.REX?

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How can I make logistics processes more efficient with POS T.REX?

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How can I place and present products with POS T.REX?

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How can I design promotional placements with POS T.REX?

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