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First Aid Project for kids.

With Jonah and Joni to the “first aider of tomorrow”

We’re in!

“Helping is the key” is the motto of Johan­ni­ter, who have been successfully teaching first aid to child­ren in nurse­ries, kinder­gar­tens, schools, and youth groups for years. They are supported by the hand puppets Jona and Joni. In order to conso­li­date what they have lear­ned, Johan­ni­ter and K&L Verlag have deve­lo­ped an easy-to-under­stand colou­ring and work­book, which is an essen­tial part of a teaching package for child­ren aged eight to eleven. We find: This is a good thing!


That is why we support the project

The book, with many pictures to be colo­red, teaches girls and boys the skills they need to be able to give first aid in emer­gen­cies and to reco­gnize ever­y­day danger spots in the home, leisure time and traf­fic in good time. On 36 pages Jona and Joni tell about their expe­ri­en­ces in the world of helping. Using case studies suita­ble for child­ren, they give tips and advice on first aid and preven­tion. At the same time, teachers, educa­tors and parents can discuss and prac­tice the illus­tra­ti­ons with the child­ren.

With the support of many local compa­nies, schools, as well as day-care centres and kinder­gar­tens in the Lippe region can order the pain­ting and work­books from Johan­ni­ter free of charge. A commit­ment that we are very happy to join.

Would you like to learn more about the project? Here you can find further infor­ma­tion:


Picture credits: Abb. @ K&L Publi­shing House