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PlusOne and sensor data attract visitors.

POS TUNING reviews the fair

POS TUNING – the specialist for product presentation at the point of sale – showed at this year’s EuroShop in Düsseldorf from 16.02. – 20.02.2020 how retail stores can largely eliminate annoying, but necessary work through automation and digitalisation – such as bringing the goods to the front of the shelf, the daily stock reconciliation or the monitoring of theft-endangered articles. The aim of the company from Bad Salzuflen is to offer retailers more time for the shopper through the use of intelligent technology. Oliver Voßhenrich, managing shareholder of POS TUNING: “In the age of online shopping stationary retail stores have exactly three advantages: The immediate availability of products, the experience of the products with all senses and the personal on-site customer care. With our solutions we ensure that the stores can make even better use of its advantages”. The summary of POS TUNING after the fair is excellent. During the 5 days more than 700 interested parties from over 60 countries informed themselves about the services of the company.

New Compartment Program

With the new Compartment program POS TUNING presented a shelving system which provides extreme stability and flexibility. With only three components (divider, pushfeed, fastening rail), complete assortments can be automated. The highlight: through the use of universal pushfeeds every assortment modification is mere child’s play. The new fastening technology is also ingeniously simple. For all automation solutions only one universal adapter rail is needed. The adhesive rail allows simple removing from the shelf for cleaning and sits firmly again after cleaning, whether the shelf is made of wood, plastic, metal or wire.

For the most different placement requirements POS TUNING has developed standards that are successfully used today in more than 120 countries around the world.

With special front risers, which can either be put into the existing U-channel of the shelf or into the new universal rail, POS TUNING provides a “clear view” of the products in the first row. A special manufacturing process ensures that the highly transparent front risers don’t break and the goods in front come to a safe stop.

PlusOne brings more space

Another focus of this year’s trade fair appearance was the generation of more space in existing areas. With special product carriers (PlusOne shelf) and with special shelf inserts (duplex pusher, double stack presenter) POS Tuning creates up to 60% more space in the same area. This means that the placement of new products and flavours becomes possible in the first place. Anyone who has to replace their old refrigerator units because of the F-Gas regulation can directly install the special goods carriers “PlusOne” from POS TUNING. The product carriers can off course be retrofitted in all common sales furniture.

neoalto supplies sensor data

The reliable systems to optimize the product presentation are supplemented by the intelligent sensor elements of the partner company neoalto. These elements can be simply installed on the now more than 160 million pushfeeds in the market.

What in 2017 was still shown as a prototype at Euroshop has now been established as a completed product. By the end of this year more than 250,000 facings are planned to be equipped with the sensor elements. The sensor data from neoalto helps both retailers and manufacturers to eliminate tedious manual activities at the POS, such as manual inventory, stock corrections or visual control of planograms. Through automation and digitization, retailers and manufacturers save time, which they now can use to serve their customers. The shopper benefits from the permanent availability of his favourite products at the POS. POS TUNING and neoalto promise that the costs for the digitalisation technology will be amortised from day one – the customer pays monthly for the data used and does not have to make any investment of his own.

Successful Euroshop

“The Euroshop 2020 was a complete success for us. We have established great contacts and were able to attract new projects. We are looking forward to the next Euroshop in 2023”, summarizes the managing shareholder Oliver Voßhenrich.