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Our POS system – the revolution for your shelves in store

The end of chaotic shopping environments thanks to our POS system

With our POS system, we revolutionise the industry and make the most out of your point of sale. What a lot of people dismiss is the importance of the point of sale and the impact, that a good placement has for a product. Seeing different kinds of stores in a chaotic Condition, with products flying around in shelves made us question the ordering system in stores and we invented a POS system, that changes not only the order in shelves but the overall look of the store. Our mission is to create an environment, where the customer can have the best shopping experience, which also creates loyalty, because happy customers will always come back to the store, they felt good in. To ameliorate the shopping experience, the store needs to be clean and tidy, so that customers, after entering the store, instantly feels a welcoming and calming atmosphere. While strolling through the retail shelves, the customer needs to see all products, so that he can be inspired and finds quickly, what he wants and needs.

The POS system – a simple mechanism with a massive effect

To guarantee such positive shopping experience, we developed a POS system, that is as simple as effective and improves the look of the point of sale to another level. Our POS system consist of a simple pushing system, that is built into the shelf and that pushes the products faceward in front of the shelf. It also aligns the products in a clean order. Pushed to the front, the products are now perfectly visible for the customer and presented in the best way possible. Standing next to each other, the products are displayed in order and the customer gets the total overview over everything, that is offered. The POS system comes in different sizes and for different types of shelves or cupboard which means it can be used for all kinds of products and in every store. Through ordering the products, we also get the maximum storage, so that no space is wasted.

More time with our POS system

Even if our POS system is saving so much space, it might be even more effective in terms of saving time. Imagining a chaotic store with products everywhere and shelves, that are constantly messy, employees oftentimes are simply cleaning, and tidying shelves while other tasks are waiting to be done. Because our POS system is keeping everything tidy already, employees save that cleaning time and are able to do other tasks instead. A task, that is oftentimes forgotten is for example customer service. While Customer service is an important factor for the customer shopping experience, it needs time and attention, that busy employees mostly do not have. But if we save the time originally needed to clean the store, we then make room for it. By given reasons, we guarantee, that the POS system is the perfect way to make the most out of the Point of sale in your store, while also making the most customer friendly shopping experience possible.

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