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Our POS system – the revolution for your shelves in store

The end of chaotic shopping environments thanks to our POS system

With our POS system, we revo­lu­tio­nise the indus­try and make the most out of your point of sale. What a lot of people dismiss is the importance of the point of sale and the impact, that a good place­ment has for a product. Seeing diffe­rent kinds of stores in a chao­tic Condi­tion, with products flying around in shel­ves made us ques­tion the orde­ring system in stores and we inven­ted a POS system, that chan­ges not only the order in shel­ves but the over­all look of the store. Our mission is to create an envi­ron­ment, where the custo­mer can have the best shop­ping expe­ri­ence, which also crea­tes loyalty, because happy custo­mers will always come back to the store, they felt good in. To amelio­rate the shop­ping expe­ri­ence, the store needs to be clean and tidy, so that custo­mers, after ente­ring the store, instantly feels a welco­ming and calming atmo­sphere. While strol­ling through the retail shel­ves, the custo­mer needs to see all products, so that he can be inspi­red and finds quickly, what he wants and needs.

The POS system – a simple mechanism with a massive effect

To guaran­tee such posi­tive shop­ping expe­ri­ence, we deve­lo­ped a POS system, that is as simple as effec­tive and impro­ves the look of the point of sale to another level. Our POS system consist of a simple pushing system, that is built into the shelf and that pushes the products face­ward in front of the shelf. It also aligns the products in a clean order. Pushed to the front, the products are now perfectly visi­ble for the custo­mer and presen­ted in the best way possi­ble. Stan­ding next to each other, the products are displayed in order and the custo­mer gets the total over­view over ever­y­thing, that is offe­red. The POS system comes in diffe­rent sizes and for diffe­rent types of shel­ves or cupboard which means it can be used for all kinds of products and in every store. Through orde­ring the products, we also get the maxi­mum storage, so that no space is wasted.

More time with our POS system

Even if our POS system is saving so much space, it might be even more effec­tive in terms of saving time. Imagi­ning a chao­tic store with products ever­y­where and shel­ves, that are constantly messy, employees often­ti­mes are simply clea­ning, and tidy­ing shel­ves while other tasks are waiting to be done. Because our POS system is keeping ever­y­thing tidy alre­ady, employees save that clea­ning time and are able to do other tasks instead. A task, that is often­ti­mes forgot­ten is for exam­ple custo­mer service. While Custo­mer service is an important factor for the custo­mer shop­ping expe­ri­ence, it needs time and atten­tion, that busy employees mostly do not have. But if we save the time origi­nally needed to clean the store, we then make room for it. By given reasons, we guaran­tee, that the POS system is the perfect way to make the most out of the Point of sale in your store, while also making the most custo­mer friendly shop­ping expe­ri­ence possi­ble.

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