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An interview with our frozen food expert

“The secret is order” –

Willem Klein Zeggelink

Willem Klein Zeggelink, Customer Director Business & Category Development CPG at POS TUNING

  • The motto of the DTI Frozen Food Conference in 2022 was “Moving towards a more sustainable future”.

    What challenges does this motto pose for the industry?

Sustainability is the topic of the industry. All food manufacturers are concerned with this topic and want to make their contribution in the future. In order to achieve the global climate targets (max. 1.5° global warming), a rethink regarding food must take place. Factory farming and meat consumption need to be put to the test. The DTI supports members with the initiative “Frozen food industry on the way to climate neutrality”.


  • What does this mean for the presentation of frozen products?

With the help of better visibility through more order and overview, the duration of door opening times at the frozen food cabinet can be reduced. Thus, less cold gets outside and energy loss is reduced. With the help of our solutions, products can always be presented at the front. Shoppers thus find their product more quickly and the time spent at the cooler is shortened. This is a simple step that can be taken to advance sustainability in the frozen food industry.


  • A few years ago, many retailers replaced their freezers chests with cabinets. Now we see that this trend is being reversed in parts, or at least that the focus is on a two-track solution. Is the freezer not a write-off after all?

The chest still has its justification. The frozen food cabinet remains a trend because the turnover per square meter is higher and the presentation of the products is more appealing. But the chest can also be used attractively. Especially in the field of bagged goods, the chest clearly makes more sense. French fries or vegetables are the classics for lying placement. Lift or organizer systems can prevent the chest from becoming a rummage table. Brand communication is also possible. Custom branding allows any message to be placed in chests as well. And shoppers don’t have to look far to find their products.


  • What product trends are making themselves felt in the frozen food industry?

Here, there is clearly a trend towards more meat substitutes. Many major manufacturers are turning to plant-based alternatives for fish or meat. The choice is getting bigger and the space requirement is increasing as well.


It’s getting tight in the frozen food cupboard?

Yes and no. The secret is order. There are the right presentation solutions for all types of packaging. Products can also be placed on top of each other, which even saves space. It is also important here to install the appropriate brand messages on the shelf or cooler. Be it small flags attached to the shelves. Or direct communication with shoppers through messages played at the front. The variants are many. We offer our customers goal-oriented consulting services for this purpose.