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The perfect tobacco presentation — How does it work?

Bad Salzu­flen (bre). The history of tobacco and ciga­rette consump­tion goes back to the 16th century. Central Ameri­can indi­ge­nous peop­les rolled tobacco in corn paper and this is how the first ciga­ret­tes were rolled and smoked. Initi­ally, tobacco was even only snuf­fed. So the choice was rather limi­ted. A look at a tobacco shelf in 2022 shows how much this situa­tion has chan­ged. Count­less varie­ties and products have now conque­red the market and custo­mers are spoilt for choice. Clas­sic ciga­rette or e‑cigarette? Snuf­fed or vapou­ri­sed? With flavou­ring or even as a light version? There are no limits to what custo­mers want. But the only limits that now appear are as banal as they are concise: space is beco­ming scarce.

The usually limi­ted shelf space in retail is a real chall­enge for an appe­al­ing tobacco presen­ta­tion. Not only the ever-incre­asing diver­sity of varie­ties, but also the crea­ti­vity of pack­a­ging design make many a retailer almost despair. Now, not only the clas­sic ciga­rette pack has to be accom­mo­da­ted, but also pouches, leaf­lets or liquids. From square to round in large and small, ever­y­thing is available. But in the worst case, the available space is only inten­ded for the tradi­tio­nal ciga­rette pack.

What can be done? A new shelf is not an option!

We at POS TUNING provide the right solu­tion. We have been the specia­list for product presen­ta­tion at the point of sale for years and are also the market leader when it comes to tobacco presen­ta­tion. Push feed systems ensure perma­nent front presen­ta­tion in a tried and tested manner. And these pusher systems have now been consis­t­ently deve­lo­ped towards the future. The Duplex Pusher is the answer to the space problem on the shelf.

Find out more about the POS‑T Duplex Pusher, the endless possi­bi­li­ties to make your tobacco shelf tidy for your custo­mers and our solu­ti­ons for round, square, NGP and many more products. On this page you will also find an inter­view with Hein­rich Kreu­der, Global Account Direc­tor at POS TUNING, who will give you further insights into the tobacco shelf of the future.

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How does the Duplex Pusher work?

Simply install two feed systems on top of each other, thus doubling the space. These push feed systems provide a perma­nent front presen­ta­tion in slow motion. The system is also infi­ni­tely expan­da­ble and flexi­ble in width. This means that the Duplex Pusher can be used for all product widths from King­Size to Big Packs. Exis­ting shel­ving systems do not have to be conver­ted and can be turned into real space mira­cles with the Duplex Pusher. Up to 50 % more product facings are possi­ble on the shelf with the same space. More over­view and order combi­ned with more shelf space — with the Duplex Pusher, this is now possi­ble in every shelf. In no time at all, next gene­ra­tion products can be presen­ted toge­ther with clas­sic tobacco products.

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Further infor­ma­tion

But what about the other products? How do I get round packaging accommodated?

Presen­ting round packa­ges in the best possi­ble way is almost the free­style in shelf place­ment.

Stack­ing is diffi­cult, the over­view is not available and the risk of the products falling over is quite high. Here, too, we have the right solu­tion: stackable U‑channels are perfect modu­les for any shelf. They can be easily inte­gra­ted into exis­ting shel­ving struc­tures and make opti­mal use of the space. This form of product presen­ta­tion offers quick orien­ta­tion for both the retailer and the shop­per. The products can be presen­ted upright, provi­ding an opti­mal over­view. The products can be easily remo­ved thanks to the inte­gra­ted push feed system. But filling without the packa­ges tipping over or turning away is also possi­ble without any problems.

Whether so-called New Gene­ra­tion Products (NGP) or products from the “Roll your own” (RYO) cate­gory: there is the perfect solu­tion for every requi­re­ment. From a honey­comb chan­nel to a late­ral presen­ta­tion or lying down. Ever­y­thing is feasi­ble. And a jungle of coun­ter displays is no longer neces­sary. Tobacco presen­ta­tion can be rethought. Variety is no longer just a chall­enge, but rather a must on the shelf. If the exis­ting systems are intel­li­gently combi­ned with each other, not only the shelf gains in possi­bi­li­ties and over­view. In the best case, sales can also be increased because custo­mers have better orien­ta­tion and fewer out-of-stock situa­tions occur.

But what does the future hold for the presentation of tobacco products?

Not only the new products that are always coming onto the market, but also count­less new laws and regu­la­ti­ons make it diffi­cult to place products at the point of sale. Smoking and ciga­ret­tes are no longer “en vogue”. Gone are the days when people would smoke a ciga­rette in TV shows, films or series. Tobacco adver­ti­sing on radio and tele­vi­sion has been banned since 1975. In many count­ries, laws now ensure that tobacco products may no longer be presen­ted in public. These laws will cause a rethink in the design of the presen­ta­tion of tobacco products. “Dark market” is the term that hovers over ever­y­thing.

Dark Market — What now? What does this mean for my shelf?

Intel­li­gent solu­ti­ons such as “dark market flaps” allow a shelf to be format­ted to the new legis­la­tion in a short time with just a few simple steps. The “plug & play” prin­ci­ple is the secret. The “Dark Market flaps” are simply adapted to the exis­ting goods feed system. The flaps are easy to open and, thanks to a self-closing mecha­nism, also effort­less to close. The look is of high quality and the products can still be reple­nis­hed directly at the shelf.

So-called “face­pla­tes” offer another alter­na­tive. Here, the face­p­late is atta­ched to the front of the exis­ting product feeder and the tobacco product behind it is thus no longer visi­ble. For removal or filling, the face­p­late can simply be opened down­wards and then closes again auto­ma­ti­cally. The solu­tion can be instal­led in a few minu­tes and no extra tools are needed.

Storage in cabi­nets or coun­ters can also be an alter­na­tive. Howe­ver, these require a little more space and are more likely to be the choice in larger sales­rooms. The fact is, howe­ver, that there is no need for exten­sive conver­sion work in order to imple­ment the legal requi­re­ments. You can make your shelf “Dark Market Ready” in just 10 seconds.

Heinrich Kreuder in a short interview

  • Snus is an oral tobacco that is parti­cu­larly wide­spread in Scan­di­na­vian count­ries. In the mean­time, howe­ver, it is also beco­ming more and more popu­lar in this coun­try. What is special about oral tobacco and why is this type of tobacco gaining more and more importance?

That’s right! Oral tobacco* offers consu­mers an alter­na­tive to ciga­ret­tes.
Nico­tine is still consu­med without harming the lungs because the product is smoke­l­ess. This is why nico­tine pouches are so popu­lar with athle­tes and travel­lers.

  • What does this mean for tobacco shelf presen­ta­tion?

The “clas­sic” tobacco place­ment is getting more and more new product groups due to the new products. The shelf is constantly growing. Espe­ci­ally with oral (snus), the place­ment in refri­ge­ra­tors is very popu­lar, but this also leads to the snus products being placed away from the tobacco shelf in the shop.

  • What chal­lenges does the place­ment of RYO (roll your own) products pose for retail­ers?

RYO products are placed cross­wise or high, depen­ding on the orien­ta­tion of the bran­ding. The pack­a­ging is soft and must be protec­ted from falling out and protru­ding from the shelf. Special RYO pushers, front anchors and guide slide profiles ensure perfect presen­ta­tion results every time and easy hand­ling of all RYO products.

  • With the abun­dance of NGP’s alre­ady mentio­ned above, many a tobacco shelf reaches its limits. What solu­ti­ons are available to accom­mo­date the large selec­tion of products in a visually attrac­tive way?

Duplex presen­ta­tion systems are the mira­cle cure for crea­ting addi­tio­nal storage space in tobacco shel­ving on exis­ting floor space. A new paten­ted Duplex presen­ta­tion system can add up to 50% more shelf space to any tobacco shelf, which can then be used for NGP products — without thin­ning out the exis­ting tobacco product range.

Heinrich Kreuder POS TUNING

Hein­rich Kreu­der, Global Account Direc­tor at POS TUNING

* The sale of oral tobacco throug­hout Europe, with the excep­tion of Sweden, is prohi­bi­ted.

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