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The perfect tobacco presentation – How does it work?

Bad Salzuflen (bre). The history of tobacco and cigarette consumption goes back to the 16th century. Central American indigenous peoples rolled tobacco in corn paper and this is how the first cigarettes were rolled and smoked. Initially, tobacco was even only snuffed. So the choice was rather limited. A look at a tobacco shelf in 2022 shows how much this situation has changed. Countless varieties and products have now conquered the market and customers are spoilt for choice. Classic cigarette or e-cigarette? Snuffed or vapourised? With flavouring or even as a light version? There are no limits to what customers want. But the only limits that now appear are as banal as they are concise: space is becoming scarce.

The usually limited shelf space in retail is a real challenge for an appealing tobacco presentation. Not only the ever-increasing diversity of varieties, but also the creativity of packaging design make many a retailer almost despair. Now, not only the classic cigarette pack has to be accommodated, but also pouches, leaflets or liquids. From square to round in large and small, everything is available. But in the worst case, the available space is only intended for the traditional cigarette pack.

What can be done? A new shelf is not an option!

We at POS TUNING provide the right solution. We have been the specialist for product presentation at the point of sale for years and are also the market leader when it comes to tobacco presentation. Push feed systems ensure permanent front presentation in a tried and tested manner. And these pusher systems have now been consistently developed towards the future. The Duplex Pusher is the answer to the space problem on the shelf.

Find out more about the POS-T Duplex Pusher, the endless possibilities to make your tobacco shelf tidy for your customers and our solutions for round, square, NGP and many more products. On this page you will also find an interview with Heinrich Kreuder, Global Account Director at POS TUNING, who will give you further insights into the tobacco shelf of the future.

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How does the Duplex Pusher work?

Simply install two feed systems on top of each other, thus doubling the space. These push feed systems provide a permanent front presentation in slow motion. The system is also infinitely expandable and flexible in width. This means that the Duplex Pusher can be used for all product widths from KingSize to Big Packs. Existing shelving systems do not have to be converted and can be turned into real space miracles with the Duplex Pusher. Up to 50 % more product facings are possible on the shelf with the same space. More overview and order combined with more shelf space – with the Duplex Pusher, this is now possible in every shelf. In no time at all, next generation products can be presented together with classic tobacco products.


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But what about the other products? How do I get round packaging accommodated?

Presenting round packages in the best possible way is almost the freestyle in shelf placement.

Stacking is difficult, the overview is not available and the risk of the products falling over is quite high. Here, too, we have the right solution: stackable U-channels are perfect modules for any shelf. They can be easily integrated into existing shelving structures and make optimal use of the space. This form of product presentation offers quick orientation for both the retailer and the shopper. The products can be presented upright, providing an optimal overview. The products can be easily removed thanks to the integrated push feed system. But filling without the packages tipping over or turning away is also possible without any problems.

Whether so-called New Generation Products (NGP) or products from the “Roll your own” (RYO) category: there is the perfect solution for every requirement. From a honeycomb channel to a lateral presentation or lying down. Everything is feasible. And a jungle of counter displays is no longer necessary. Tobacco presentation can be rethought. Variety is no longer just a challenge, but rather a must on the shelf. If the existing systems are intelligently combined with each other, not only the shelf gains in possibilities and overview. In the best case, sales can also be increased because customers have better orientation and fewer out-of-stock situations occur.

But what does the future hold for the presentation of tobacco products?

Not only the new products that are always coming onto the market, but also countless new laws and regulations make it difficult to place products at the point of sale. Smoking and cigarettes are no longer “en vogue”. Gone are the days when people would smoke a cigarette in TV shows, films or series. Tobacco advertising on radio and television has been banned since 1975. In many countries, laws now ensure that tobacco products may no longer be presented in public. These laws will cause a rethink in the design of the presentation of tobacco products. “Dark market” is the term that hovers over everything.

Dark Market – What now? What does this mean for my shelf?

Intelligent solutions such as “dark market flaps” allow a shelf to be formatted to the new legislation in a short time with just a few simple steps. The “plug & play” principle is the secret. The “Dark Market flaps” are simply adapted to the existing goods feed system. The flaps are easy to open and, thanks to a self-closing mechanism, also effortless to close. The look is of high quality and the products can still be replenished directly at the shelf.

So-called “faceplates” offer another alternative. Here, the faceplate is attached to the front of the existing product feeder and the tobacco product behind it is thus no longer visible. For removal or filling, the faceplate can simply be opened downwards and then closes again automatically. The solution can be installed in a few minutes and no extra tools are needed.

Storage in cabinets or counters can also be an alternative. However, these require a little more space and are more likely to be the choice in larger salesrooms. The fact is, however, that there is no need for extensive conversion work in order to implement the legal requirements. You can make your shelf “Dark Market Ready” in just 10 seconds.

Heinrich Kreuder in a short interview

  • Snus is an oral tobacco that is particularly widespread in Scandinavian countries. In the meantime, however, it is also becoming more and more popular in this country. What is special about oral tobacco and why is this type of tobacco gaining more and more importance?

That’s right! Oral tobacco* offers consumers an alternative to cigarettes.
Nicotine is still consumed without harming the lungs because the product is smokeless. This is why nicotine pouches are so popular with athletes and travellers.

  • What does this mean for tobacco shelf presentation?

The “classic” tobacco placement is getting more and more new product groups due to the new products. The shelf is constantly growing. Especially with oral (snus), the placement in refrigerators is very popular, but this also leads to the snus products being placed away from the tobacco shelf in the shop.

  • What challenges does the placement of RYO (roll your own) products pose for retailers?

RYO products are placed crosswise or high, depending on the orientation of the branding. The packaging is soft and must be protected from falling out and protruding from the shelf. Special RYO pushers, front anchors and guide slide profiles ensure perfect presentation results every time and easy handling of all RYO products.

  • With the abundance of NGP’s already mentioned above, many a tobacco shelf reaches its limits. What solutions are available to accommodate the large selection of products in a visually attractive way?

Duplex presentation systems are the miracle cure for creating additional storage space in tobacco shelving on existing floor space. A new patented Duplex presentation system can add up to 50% more shelf space to any tobacco shelf, which can then be used for NGP products – without thinning out the existing tobacco product range.

Heinrich Kreuder POS TUNING

Heinrich Kreuder, Global Account Director at POS TUNING

* The sale of oral tobacco throughout Europe, with the exception of Sweden, is prohibited.

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