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Bad Salzuflen, 18.08.2020  The current trend towards chilled beverages continues. They are now found in all distribution channels and are very popular with customers, especially in summer.

Who does not know it in this weather? Just go to the supermarket to get a cool drink for the way in the car. Or after the strenuous week’s shopping, just before the checkout, with your tongue hanging out, quickly take a cold can of soft drink or a bottle of water with you to drink it in one go right outside in the car park.

More and more impulse coolers at cash desks in the food retail

Chilled drinks are now not only found in petrol stations and convenience shops, but also in more and more supermarkets. Many stores no longer have just two small, narrow coolers on the floor, which are sponsored by the industry, but especially in the checkout area several meters of chilled drinks in the store’s own refrigerator. This area is a real growth driver. Non-alcoholic beverages in particular are in greater demand than ever, especially new flavors and extravagant ingredients. New varieties are constantly appearing on the refrigerators and shelves. However, the varieties come and go, there are constant changes in the planogram.

Problems due to high sales and variety

As a retailer, you ask yourself how you can best manage to keep order in this category. Because a high impulse rate and rotation often goes hand in hand with untidy shelves and many gaps between products.

One solution that ensures visibility and order is a pushfeed system. However, this must be suitable for all the different formats and weights in the beverage refrigerator, so that the retailer has an easy time changing planograms and introducing new products. In addition, the system must also function for years in cold and damp conditions.

Pushfeed system for beverages by POS TUNING

POS TUNING has developed a new system especially for this category – the Compartment 90 for drinks. Test installations have already been carried out with many retailers and very good results have been achieved throughout. One example is Edeka Koepper from Lower Saxony, who has been using the new system for the entire cooling system in his supermarket and also in his beverage store since 2019. Scanner data evaluation is proving difficult because many of the products from the cooler are also offered at other points in the store. So you can’t see where sales have risen, but Philipp Koepper has told us his impression: “Our impulse beverage cooler is always tidy and looks great since the installation of the POS TUNING pushfeed systems. The turnover has developed positively.” The employees can recognize this by the fact that they have to refill even more often than before, and shoppers gave positive feedback. The employees are also enthusiastic, because the tiresome sorting and pulling forward of the products is no longer necessary with the POS TUNING pushfeed system, so that there is also time for frequent refilling and thus gaps in the shelves are avoided.

You can see the system live in action at the above mentioned supermarket Koepper in this video.


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