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Tottus always puts the shopper first

The Falabella Group's supermarket chain has entrusted us with new stores to continue pushing thousands of products to the front of the shelves. Vallenar's new stores in the third region, Colina in the metropolitan region, and the conversion of Melipilla's stores, also in the metropolitan region, and Con-Con in the fifth region, will be equipped with the latest technology for product feed systems.

In each of the stores, the C-60, C-90 and C-130 systems will be installed for more than 4,000 different products in the categories frozen food, cold cuts, hair coloring, coffee, sweeteners, personal care, cosmetics and others.

The TOTTUS chain privileges the customer’s shopping experience by using pusher POP/POS tuning systems to keep shelves tidy all the time.

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