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The POS TUNING Pizza Presenter – The presentation solution for round pizzas in the chilling area

At the point of sale, customers can only buy what they see. This is the motto of POS TUNING from Bad Salzuflen, the solution provider for optimised product presentation at the point of sale for almost all product categories.
The POS T Pizza presenter now complements the solutions for chilled products. Herewith convenience pizza can be presented in the most optimal way.

Previously, the product could only be presen­ted in lying posi­tion. Thus, the product was neither visi­ble to the shop­per nor could he find the type he was looking for. Various studies have shown that this often leads to a cancel­la­tion of the purchase.

With the Pizza Presen­ter from POS TUNING, the conve­ni­ence pizza can now be presen­ted upright in the chil­led area. In addi­tion, a perma­nent front presen­ta­tion is guaran­teed by an auto­ma­tic push­feed system. The product is always perfectly visi­ble and it is an easy orien­ta­tion for the shop­per.

The POS TUNING Pizza Presen­ter is compa­ti­ble with the POS T C90 push­feed system, which can be used in the entire product cate­gory. The complete chil­led area thus has an opti­mi­sed, clear appearance thanks to auto­ma­ted push­feed systems.