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The corona virus has taught us a few things in the past weeks and months: We have to be flexi­ble, rethink and ques­tion our working life and our usual acti­vi­ties. The subject of home office has never been as topi­cal as during the Corona crisis. But there is also an after­wards. And we have to be prepared for that too. The return to the fami­liar work­place is not as easy as we thought. Distances have to be kept in the office too, and the protec­tion of staff and employees is a top prio­rity. But it is under­stan­da­ble that one does not want to comple­tely rebuild the offices for these new regu­la­ti­ons.

POS TUNING from Bad Salzu­flen has deve­lo­ped an opti­mal solu­tion. With “Spit­Prot-Office”, all stan­dard desks can be equip­ped with varia­ble protec­tive walls in a very short time and with just a few simple steps. The indi­vi­dual parts made of plexi­glass can be easily stuck to the table and remo­ved just as easily thanks to an adhe­sive tape applied to the base. A magne­tic strip at the upper end of the protec­tive wall not only holds the indi­vi­dual parts secu­rely toge­ther, it also offers the possi­bi­lity of atta­ching small notes or memos. Thanks to its varia­ble indi­vi­dual parts, “Spit­Prot-Office” is suita­ble for all sizes and formats and can even be moun­ted on height-adjus­ta­ble desks. A small cut-out at the foot of the element is a cleverly thought-out solu­tion for all cables from moni­tors, exter­nal devices or other tech­ni­cal equip­ment.

You can find more information here in the catalogue or watch the installation video.


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