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Round things in an angular environment

POS TUNING from Bad Salzuflen develops flexible stackable channels for oral tobacco in round packaging. A real presentation problem has now been solved.

The presen­ta­tion of tobacco products can be a real chall­enge. In hardly any other area you find such a wide variety in pack­a­ging sizes.
For instance there are the clas­sic ciga­rette pack, the tobacco pouch, the small papers and, last but not least, the rela­tively young RRP cate­gory with many diffe­rent products. As an exam­ple lets‘ take oral tobacco which you find in round pack­a­ging.

Stack­ing is diffi­cult, there is no visi­bi­lity oft he product anymore and the risk of the products falling over is quite great. POS TUNING from Bad Salzu­flen has the right solu­tion: stackable chan­nels are perfect for presen­ta­tion in the shelf. They can be easily inte­gra­ted into exis­ting shel­ving struc­tures and ensure an opti­mal use of space. This form of product presen­ta­tion offers quick orien­ta­tion for both the retailer and the shop­per. The products can be presen­ted upright, thus there is an opti­mal visi­bi­lity. The products can easily be taken out thanks to the inte­gra­ted pusheed­feed system. The refil­ling process is more easy as the pack­a­ging won‘t tip over or twist. That’s a really “round” thing.