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Round things in an angular environment

POS TUNING from Bad Salzuflen develops flexible stackable channels for oral tobacco in round packaging. A real presentation problem has now been solved.

The presentation of tobacco products can be a real challenge. In hardly any other area you find such a wide variety in packaging sizes.
For instance there are the classic cigarette pack, the tobacco pouch, the small papers and, last but not least, the relatively young RRP category with many different products. As an example lets‘ take oral tobacco which you find in round packaging.

Stacking is difficult, there is no visibility oft he product anymore and the risk of the products falling over is quite great. POS TUNING from Bad Salzuflen has the right solution: stackable channels are perfect for presentation in the shelf. They can be easily integrated into existing shelving structures and ensure an optimal use of space. This form of product presentation offers quick orientation for both the retailer and the shopper. The products can be presented upright, thus there is an optimal visibility. The products can easily be taken out thanks to the integrated pusheedfeed system. The refilling process is more easy as the packaging won‘t tip over or twist. That’s a really “round” thing.