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More space in chilled shelves with POS TUNING

Products that cannot be shown at the point of sale cannot be bought. Too little space in the chilled shelves also means less turnover for retailers. The solution is apparently quite simple: one more chilled shelf per shelf axis. POS TUNING, the specialist for optimal product presentation at the point of sale, now makes this possible.

With the new POS‑T Plus­One chil­led shelf, retail­ers get up to 20% more space in the plus refri­ge­ra­tion. Where four shel­ves previously had space, five shel­ves now fit into the shelf. The clou: the POS‑T Plus­One chil­led shelf is so sturdy thanks to its special design that a front folded edge is not neces­sary. This saves space, one more shelf is instal­led, and custo­mers conti­nue to get their desi­red product comfor­ta­bly. The ideal comple­ment to this is the push­feed system POS‑T Compart­ment C90. At the same time, this ensu­res a perma­nent front presen­ta­tion of the products on the shelf — even for parti­cu­larly narrow and tipping products. This also enhan­ces the fresh­ness area.

The shelf looks tidy and appe­al­ing. Shop­pers find their product quickly and relia­bly, even when stocks are low. The retailer has less effort in shelf main­ten­ance and fewer mark­downs. “The shop­pers appre­ciate a good orien­ta­tion in the market and at the shelf. A long search can lead to an abor­ted purchase. With the new POS‑T Plus­One chil­led shelf toge­ther with our push­feed system Compart­ment C90, the retailer gets the perfect combi­na­tion,” says Andreas Hipp­auf, Head of Product Manage­ment at POS TUNING. The new chil­led shelf can be used for all cate­go­ries in the chil­led zone: sliced cheese, sliced meat, conve­ni­ence of all kinds, bags of salad, chil­led drinks and much more.