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POS TUNING supports the German initiative “Grips&Co”

POS TUNING is committed to promoting young talent in the retail branch and is supporting the Grips&Co industry competition for the first time this year.

Since the maga­zine “Rund­schau für den Lebens­mit­tel­han­del” laun­ched the Grips&Co compe­ti­tion, the annual cult event for junior staff, HR specia­lists and brand indus­try has been taking place for almost 40 years. Two days of concen­tra­ted infor­ma­tion, exci­ting quiz­zes, tastings and stimu­la­ting discus­sions. Writ­ten tests and pre-selec­tions take place in the retail compa­nies. There are four quali­fi­ca­tion levels. The award of the winner is a guaran­tee that the career is now really picking up speed. The winner also beco­mes a quality ambassa­dor, gains inte­res­t­ing insights into the quality assu­rance of fresh food and passes this know­ledge on for a year.

This year there will also be a lear­ning book­let from POS TUNING on the subject of product presen­ta­tion at the point of sale. The parti­ci­pants will learn how and with which aids the products are properly presen­ted in the stores in order to offer the shop­pers a posi­tive shop­ping expe­ri­ence and to make the work easier for the employees. “We are deligh­ted to be part of Grips&Co. for the first time. A great programme to promote young talent in the retail sector. We are looking forward to the final day and the candi­da­tes” says Kris­tin Kolbe-Schade, Head of Marke­ting at POS TUNING.

POS TUNING is the specia­list for opti­mal product presen­ta­tion at the point of sale. The product port­fo­lio includes push­feed and lift systems, gravity systems, shelf displays and light­ing, systems for theft preven­tion as well as digi­tal services, e.g. digi­tal inven­tory manage­ment. All products are MADE IN GERMANY!