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POS TUNING provides systems for the beverage presentation at the POS


Everyone knows that thirst is a very unpleasant feeling. Therefore, how unpleasant is it when the customer wants to quench his thirst and stands in front of an empty shelf? The favourite soft drink is not there or it is so far back on the shelf that it cannot be found. So it makes sense to think about a refreshing shelf optimization.

POS TUNING from Bad Salzuflen offers with the POS-T pushfeed system C90 and the POS-T  glide system VARUS two possibilities to optimize the presentation of beverages. Cans or bottles are always perfectly presented in the first row and annoying pulling forward is no longer necessary. The product image is tidy and the customer quickly finds the product he is looking for.

In this respect the new compartment range is characterized by a special feature: universal push feeds also make it considerably easier to change the product range. Only three components (divider, push feed and adapter rail) are required to automate complete assortments.

Or you can rely on gravity with the Varus glide system. With its unique surface, it is the ideal system for allowing products to glide gently forward, even with minimal inclination of the shelves. Incidentally, the Varus glide system can also be used without any problems in the chilling area reducing shelf maintenance effort for yoghurt pots and milk cartons.

Orientation, visual upgrading of the category, perfect visibility and reduced shelf maintenance effort – the advantages are obvious. Customers and retailers can only win with these systems.

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